Is free anti-virus effective? What is a Trojan?

Nowadays, is free anti-virus like AVG or some other Anti-virus effective against virus? Or were they unable to scan some virus which are powerful?

What is a Trojan? I am curious of what a Trojan is, what harm will they bring to computers? And what will be the signal if a computer has been attacked by Trojan?

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    Free antiviruses aren't as good as paid ones because usually they don't have real-time scanning of files you open etc. A "Trojan" is a piece of malware that sneaks into your system (usually through email, IM, or sites like myspace). After a trojan has infected a system it will usually notify the person who created it and is spreading it that it is there. After the programmer/hacker is alerted he could do anything he/she wanted to to the compromised system. Trojans are extremely dangerous.

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    Yes free software is effective.

    Trojan horse is a program that contains or installs a malicious program (sometimes called the payload or 'trojan'). The term is derived from the classical myth of the Trojan Horse. Trojan horses may appear to be useful or interesting programs (or at the very least harmless) to an unsuspecting user, but are actually harmful when executed

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    1 decade ago

    AVG is what I use and when I installed it it caught about six viruses that McCafee had missed, and I know a guy that have stuff to do with our countries security and stuff and he advised AVG Free and all the computer experts I ask do to. As far as I know a Trojan virus is a virus that does permanent damage to your hard drive.

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    a trojan is a type of spyware

    spyware basically takes vital info from ur PC and sends it to the hacker. he has access to all the sites u visit.

    if u pay via the internet using ur credit card number, i think u r in for some big trouble becoz good trojans have access to that.

    but dont worry, becoz i've faced trojans too and i've removed them with free anti-virus software while my paid mcaffee was helpless

    u can use -

    -spybot search and destroy (that's the one which removed it)

    -ad-aware SE personal

    -avg anti-virus

    i got all three by searching them on

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  • Anonymous
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    Free Anti-Virus are not effective becuase the manufacturer would not give all facilities free of cost!!

    Trojan is a srong spyware and harms the *.exe files. Your computer will be slow.

  • Jeanne
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    Computer Associates has an anti-virus promo for Windows users you might try. Program has a nice clean interface. My suggestion though is you do have a AV program run in the background. Otherwise, it's too easy to have the program miss a vital update.

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    I was searching through web pages looking for auction sites to sell my products and picked up a Trojan and over 120 other bits of ad and spy ware and was recommended to ewido now avg it has worked extremely well and recently someone hit me with over 270 malware programs at once including exit windows.exe and it coped with all that I also use windows defender and the standard windows firewall as you can see here i say the truth and some people don't want it said I am still here !

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    Free security packages are recommended by experts, those who fix computers online. It's up to those using their computer to ensure they keep their security packages updated and not to open attachments or files from unknown sources which spread viruses/trojans/spyware over the net.

    For good, free and recommended security programs, please go here

    I recommend AVG as an anti virus, although eTrust's 12 month free trial is excellent (I'm using it and am extremely impressed).

    If you need other programs, go for Zone Alarm firewall, AVG anti spyware (formerly Ewido) and SpywareBlaster.

    If you click on the names in that list I gave you and it will take you to the official download site.

    Please ensure that you keep them all updated for full protection and check for any updates when you first download them.

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    avg or avast arent the best in protection and removal as you'll see from time to time on here that it wont remove things etc...

    a trojan is a virus type that damages files on the pc

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes.they are also effective. I can give a few links that offer free virus and spyware removers...!You may be having a virus or spyware installed on your PC. Norton, AVG , Avast are free antivirus software. Ad-aware, Ewido are free spyware removers. You can download free softwares at and

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