can the police change the posted speed limit?

If the police are requiered to inforce a speedlimit and they dodn;t inforce it untill you have exceeded it by 10 mph havent they changed to law at the poit they inforce it?

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    The situation you are describing is referred to as "officers discretion". While it is true that an officer can cite a motorist for going as little as one mile per hour over the posted speed limit, many officers give a leeway to allow for such things as speedometer error, non standard tires, etc. Once you have exceeded the posted speed limit by ten miles per hour, it is clearly obvious that you are speeding and most court jurisdictions require that a citation be issued. In essence, the cop is giving you a break by allowing you those extra miles per hour before giving you a ticket.

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  • Would you want to be stopped for going over 1 mile an hour. If police officers stopped everyone that exceeded the limit, they would get tired of writing and run out of tickets. The 10 mph overage is not changing, its usually an allowable speed, before an officer will write you a ticket. If he wants he can write at what ever speed he wants, even if its under, for impeding traffic. So be grateful that you dont get a ticket for 1 to 9 miles over the limit

    Source(s): 25 yr Law Enforcement
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    Policed are not required to inforce that is the fault in your logic.

    In my old dept there were a few officers who never wrote a ticket for speeding ever.

    Our supervivses even told us not to be too strict and to give more warings, as not to harrass citizens.

    You are really confusing required with allowed or empowered

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    You can be pulled over and cited for going 1 mile over the speed limit. Generally, officers will give you at least five MPH over. They don't have to though.

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    Hey some will pull you for going 3 miles over and some ten miles over!!!

    It all depends on the officer!!! Also somtimes they just dont wann do the papaer work!! Butry to keep it safe tho!!!

    There there for a reason!!!

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    ~No, it's not the police who decides what the legal speed limit should be.

    It varies among policeman whether or not to pull you over.~

    Tonalc, yes there are a lot of typos in that question.. lol~

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    Uh, no? Cops don't create or change laws, they just enforce them. Hence, the phrase "law ENFORCEMENT."

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    There, I feel better.

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