What is going on here and what is your advice??? Help!!!?

A what is now ex-friend is calling and their number is no longer blocked when they call you...does this mean they want to try and be friends and apologize? I recently had a argument with someone and they accused me of something. I am sure they must have found out because they never call me from a number that is not blocked. i was too upset and surprised to pick up. should i call back or leave it alone? what does this mean? i just want to stay away from people with drama but i want to know...once accused never a friend right? i mean i didn't do anything and they didn't stick up for me...but now they kno..the truth always comes out. i wouldn't make a big deal of it but i was curious why now? why call after months of agonizing me? plus i was hurt alot by this and i'm still hurt by this.

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    Where I came from, your friends always get your back. Even when it means picking you up out of the mud.

    It sounds like you were betrayed and that is very difficult to get over.

    If it were me, I'd leave the ex friend alone and move on the best you can. Happiness could be missed should you spend a lot of time on this.

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    Well, it sounds a little strange that the ex-friend would ring after all this time from an unblocked number (knowing you can tell where its' coming from).

    Perhaps you could pick it up next time. It seems odd that they ring. I would think a letter might be a better bet, I'd be too ashamed to phone you after that. But obviously they are trying to make contact and hoping you will answer.

    Very difficult. Do you live with anybody? Can they pick up the phone instead?

    You could write them a small note and say "I felt it was easier to write to you under the circumstances. I have noticed lately that your number is showing up at times when the phone rings. This has been a bit of a shock to me after everything that has happened and I do not know whether you are phoning for a good or bad reason. At the moment, I am just too hurt by all this to pick up the phone, as I really don't know what i'll get on the end of of it. If you wish to contact me at all, please just write something instead. I am way too upset to chat by voice and I am sure you would understand that."

    That's just an option for you. Because I would feel the same way, I would feel sick if the phone rang and it was that person after all that. Seeing their number and having no idea what would happen on the end of the phone.

    So writing is probably much wiser and safer at this point. Also, if the person writes anything nasty, you can use it against them if necessary.

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    Agree with the first person who responded. Send your exfriend a detailed email explaining the way you felt/feel and see what the reply is, sometimes people make mistakes, I know I lost a very good friend for over 12 months because someone lied to me about him and thank god he said that he would see me and when we saw each other for the first time I burst into tears and apologised and he forgave me instantly. I made a mistake, I admitted it, beat myself up about it and asked forgiveness, I hurt him very much, but he forgave me and now we're better friends than ever.

    Good Luck xxx

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    By the way it sounds who ever it is, is trying to make up with you and if they were a friend of yours listen to there reason..then that way you can clear the air and be able to deal from there. The hurt can probably ease off a bit.. Good luck..

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    ignore the calls. or change your number if you do not want to deal with these people. if you can forgive do so even if you cant forget. if they are drama stay clear of these sort of people. thanks

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    probably they wanna make up with u......just let them call back if they're sincere......u can answer it n' listen for their explanation.....give them chance.....u'll feel better in that way...good luck

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    send him e-mail

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