Republic of Mussolini . What the secret of this republic of 1 year old ?


CanProf , thanks . Yes it's " Italian Socialist Republic" .

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    I think what you probably mean is the Italian Social Republic. After the Allied landings in Sicily, the Grand Fascist Council, with the support of King Vittorio Emanuele III, overthrew and arrested Mussolini on July 24, 1943. The new government began peace negotiations with the Allied powers.

    Nazi Germany quickly intervened, concerned that Italian forces would otherwise join the Allied troops. Germany seized control of northern Italy, and Mussolini was rescued by Otto Skorzeny in the Unternehmen Eiche, being brought to the German-occupied area to establish a new regime.

    Mussolini declared on September 23, 1943 that the coup d'état had been defeated, and that his government was continuing as a republic, with himself as leader. The new authorities mounted a repression campaign against any opposition, notably by prosecuting in the Verona trial all present and absent Fascist leaders who had backed Grandi. Mussolini established his capital, and began to try and assemble the organs of State. Soon after its establishment, the Republic was forced to cede Trieste, Istria and South Tyrol to Germany. During the existence of the Italian Social Republic, Mussolini, whose government had banned trade unions and strikes, began to make increasingly populist appeals to the working class. He claimed to regret many of the decisions he made in supporting the interests of big business, and promised a new beginning if the Italian people would be willing to grant him a second chance.

    While Mussolini contended that he was in control of the Republic, in practice it was a largely irrelevant and ineffective puppet of the German forces, mainly used for repression purposes against the Partisans and the Jews. Revenge was taken against Badoglio's supporters, too, and other Fascists accused of betrayal, like Mussolini's own son-in-law Galeazzo Ciano, executed on March 11, 1944, with the dictator's consent. Ezra Pound, the expatriate American poet, played a significant role in the cultural and propaganda activities of the new republic. The Republic came to an end around April 25, 1945 (Liberation day) when a general partisan uprising and the (Western) Allied spring offensive managed largely to oust the Germans from Italy. The Italian Social Republic had existed for slightly more than one and a half years.

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    What are you talking about? You mean during his rule in 1922 when he was a fascist pig? The Italian government were trying to create a democratic society until Mussolini rose to power and turned them out into fascism. He was a ego maniacal cruel man who just wanted power and did not care about his own wife and children he was escapading around with another woman while the war was going on and they were going to be slaughtered too, they narrowly escaped. They were dictated too as well as the people. He knew his wife and children were not safe and he left them the whole time. Just like Qaddafi did to his wife and kid when he fled after hearing we were going to bomb his house, he did not evacuate his family he let them get blown up and thought that he would blame us and get the peoples sympathy but it did not work because we knew he was warned and so did the whole world after that he just went into hiding. He isn't worth the effort.

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    I was it's IL Duce.

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