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How does system restore points work??

1)I know in many new registry cleaning programs they come with a new function where you can go back to a previous system restore point incase something crucial got deleted...

my question is, in some occasions where if you can't even boot up into windows cus you let those programs accidently cleansed crucial registry keys...then you can't even run those restore functions from within those registry programs, under these cases what would you do???

2)I find there is system restore under WinXp under control panel -->system---->system restore. How does it work?

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    I think I know what you are dealing with. You incidentally erased the data on your hard disk that came with your computer. What you need to do if this is the case, is to save all of your data on a disc and reboot the system completely from your install disc. This will restore you from the beginning and if you purchased any programs you will have to save them. Then go into Micro-soft and get any of the updates you may need. Sometimes conflicting programs can raise havoc on your system. It is always important to note any days that were of major change in downloading or installing software. If you are on the ball you can pinpoint the problem and remove the defective program. I have had this happen several times when I bundled up my system with too much even though my memory wasn't completely used. I had conflicting paint-shop software. I stopped using cleaning systems other than my Mcafee security center with a good firewall. So far so good. I believe my old system has spydoctor software which worked good but severely slowed down my system.

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    restore can bring your os back to anytime that a restore point was created on your computer. you can have several depending on what 2nd party software you run. some registry repair programs create one automatically every time you run them. also quite a few security and virus removal programs will create one. you pick one out of your choices( if you have any) and your os will be brought back to the exact state it was in when the restore point was created

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    (2) choose ' restore my comp to an earlier time ' this automatically restore your setting for system drivers, file extension, software drivers etc...

    (1) if in case your comp is not botting xp, try to run yor pc in safe mode. turn on your pc and then press F5 key continously.

    then choose 'boot in safe mode' from the list.

    the windows load in safe mode without graphics.

    finally restore yor comp to an earlier time


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