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If God is love, and Jesus is his vicar, why is ther such a trail of hatred and despair everywhereChristianity?

Has ruled?


I wanted to ask God directly, but he wasn't in... AGAIN

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    Many humans are hateful creatures. Yet, most swine are not.

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    Why is human history filled with hatred and despair no matter who is ruling? Christianity isn't a government. It's the way individual people who believe in the son of God respond to him. Hatred and despair are the byproducts of sin. The love of God made a way for man to be saved out of sin.

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    Because basically, religions and God are not the same things. They are completely different.

    Religions are medium to make people feel better and holier. God is the universal life force.

    So, here religion, whatever it is, won't guarantee anything that you are fulfilled and happy as a person.

    Religion is a religion with its so many strict rules, standards, regimens and no-no's. Religion has really nothing to do with hatred and despair at all. Hatred and despair truly derive from the core of yourself.... from who and what you truly are. Not from religions at all.

    Hatred and despair spring from something unsolved inside you, something hideous from your past that hasn't resolved and answered yet. That is why there is so many hatred and despair among Christianity and other religions you-name-it. Because basically religious people or whatsoever are only humans with the big 'label' on their forehead as Christian or Muslim. They use that Christian or Muslim 'label' on their forehead just to show that they are better or holier than others. But inside themselves, they are not even better than a deadly sinner, in sort of speak.

    God is truly love. But Christianity has nothing to do with hatred and despair at all. Hatred and despair truly arise from the core of yourself related to your past.


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    The only way fallen man can be re-united with God is by giving our hearts to Jesus, and overcoming obstacles by his blood.

    If God stopped every single bad thing just before it happened (except our bad thoughts as God leaves us with free will) we would never see the result of sin for one, and secondly, why would we choose God if we lived in a perfect would anyway??

    The reason God allows for sin to run its course, is so we can recognise its horror, and choose God rather then sin.

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    If you have a question about God, why don't you ask Him yourself?

    Merry Christmas!

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    No one can ever seem to agree totally on anything.

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    define "God", "Jesus", "Vicar" and "Christianity"

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