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What wa the most poignant news story you thought occured in 2006?

Your suggestions please. For an essay.

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    The 2 Australian Miners, in a hole miles down in the earth...for

    days on end...not sure how many? 10-14 something like that...

    No light, nothing...

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    The use of Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons in Iraq.

    DU can be used for rifle bullets, mortars, tank rounds, missiles, and bombs.

    These weapons release an extremely fine dust when they detonate.

    This dust is radioactive.

    Gamma Radiation is well known and overemphasized by our Government because the Gamma dose from these weapons is very low.

    Alpha radiation is much less known and it is harmless when outside the body. Once internalized by breathing, eating, or drinking contaminated air, food, or water, Alpha radiation is DEADLY.

    We have and are using TONS of this material in Iraq. This is resulting in sickness, cancer, diabetes, and deaths in both the civilian population and OUR TROOPS!

    Do a Yahoo! search for depleted uranium weapons and find out the TRUTH for yourself

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    The labrador retriever that fond his way home clean across the nation.

    Lost dog found — a long way from home

    Two years ago a hurricane blew down Alice Baines's backyard fence in Tampa, turning loose her golden retriever, Sam-I-Am, who vanished with the Florida wind.

    Thursday, in Chicago, 1,200 miles from home, she was reunited with the canine named for the reluctant diner in Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham.

    "I've never seen anything like it," an animal-control officer said.

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    800 illegal immigrants were arrested at a meat packing place in Greeley, Colorado. I guess there had been a huge amount of identity theft because many of the workers used stolen social security numbers. The police had to load the workers into buses that sent them all back to Mexico.

    Source(s): I live in Colorado, so it was a big deal when it happened here.
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    To me, it was when the man killed the Amish school girls in their school; To this day, I can't fathom why he would do that. He had no beef with them, they had none with him, yet, he killed some innocent kids that had nothing to do with anything other than proximity. That hurt me a lot.

  • I think it was about a week ago when they did a news report on Molly Meldrum finding his lost dog!

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