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going to california what should i do / buy ( im from australia )?

and also how much should you tip?

is there anything else i need to know?

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    The best thing to do is just enjoy yourself.

    California is the greatest agricultural state in the USA [really]. their cheeses and wines are world-class. [ Oz wines are also exceptional and compete in world competitions, often winning.]

    So, souvenirs for mates back home.

    If service is good, I almost always give 20% tip. Waiters, drivers - they get tips. The cashier in the grocery store, the person behind the counter at a fast-food outlet, and retail clerks do not.

    Always go to the bar and give an extra tip to the bartender - they get stiffed a lot.

    Welcome to the USA. When you are ready for a real experience, visit Texas [yee-hah!]

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