safety of tetanus vaccination during pregnancy?

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    I personally hope you go to your doctor is you think you might need a tetanus shot and you are pregnant, I wouln't even rely on answers on this site, even though I have seen specialists answer, or their source was listed as such,, It's nothing to play around with. The same goes with the flu shot and many others,, there are certain times you should not take these shots..depending on the trimester your in or maybe not at all,, just check,, We had a flu shot scare during a early pregnancy . Sure hope you see your OB , or Doctor Congratulations and Good Luck

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    A pregnant woman should not be concerned if she receives a dose of tetanus vaccination. In fact a previously unimmunized pregnant woman who may deliver her child under unhygienic circumstances should receive two doses of the adult formulated tetanus and diphtheria toxoid vaccination. The doses should be spaced as usual, 4 to 8 weeks apart, during the last two trimesters. Incompletely immunized pregnant women should complete the 3 dose series. Those immunized more than 10 years previously should have a booster dose.

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  • dubuc
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    3 years ago

    Pregnant women folk. Tetanus toxoid and Td are secure to get for the period of being pregnant. women folk who've been totally immunized could desire to have a Td booster if that's been extra beneficial than 10 years when you consider that their final dose. in the event that they have a wound that could desire to be contaminated, they could desire to have a booster if that's been extra beneficial than 5 years because of the fact the final dose. Optimally, if a pregnant lady isn't totally immunized against tetanus, she could desire to get carry of two doses of tetanus toxoid or Td 4 weeks aside. with the intention to furnish adequate time for the mother to make antibodies and pass them to her toddler around the placenta, she needs to have won the two doses a minimum of two weeks before she provides delivery.

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  • 1 decade ago

    it id not safe even though it is safe for us the babies immune system is not as good as ours and it could be badly affected

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