have you ever seen any thing supernatural??

if you can say what it looked like too, and how it made you feel. thanks


oh i'm raiting every answer, so ones that are joke will get a thums down.

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    In 1974 one of my friends from Tiruchengode (Tamilnadu) came to my place (Vellore - Tamilnadu) for treatment at the famous CMC hospital for a "galloping pain" in his left arm (a pain starts in the shoulder or wrist about early night - and progresses in severity as days pass by - also the pain moves from wrist to elbow then to shoulder and in the reverse direction again). He lost sleep due to the pain and local doctors said that he needed expert examination since no reason could be found by them nor pain relievers worked for him. He was thoroughly examined and everything was normal. So they said it may be a psycho somatic disorder and he can check up with psycho therapist.

    Thereupon I took him to the Psychiatric Wing of CMC itself where a Dr was known to my boss. He explained to the young man that it was quite probable to have pains without any overt pathological / physiological reasons due to some afflication in the mind and he would be required to come with his parent and stay for psycho analysis and therapy which would take at least two months, if the patient fully cooperated. As my friend said neither he could take his parents with him for treatment nor he could afford two months time having just entered a temporary job. The Dr consoled him and said that if he believed in Yoga or God he may do meditation, deep breathing exercise etc.

    Before he left for his place I took him to a village called Poondi (now in Tiruvannamali Dt of Tamilnadu) where a well known saint known as "Poondi Mahathma" was there. I asked him to tell the saint about his problem and he agreed. But on reaching the saint he said "Swami I want to progress in spiritual path but my mind is not steady..." And the old saint replied "Very Happy you will be cured"! See, the friend never mentioned about the disease but the saint said so. After he left for his place, I got a letter from him a week later. He said that the galloping pains in his arm was gone the day he returned and he wanted to know if it was permanent and so replied after a week. He said that he was lucky to have seen Dr Srinivasan who suggested to go for yoga (he understood yoga to be a spiritual discipline whereas yoga can be secular as well) and blessed by the great saint with the miracle cure.

    You can read more about the miracles / supernatural things in the contemporary literatures like "Auto biography of a Yogi" by Paramahamsa Yogananda, Yogoda Satsangh Society of India, Kolkata - 76 (2001)

    or Sai Baba Sat Charitha, Sai Samsthan, Shirdi (Maharashtra)

    or Sai Baba the Ultimate Experience by Phylis Krystal, Sri Sathya Sai Books and Publications, Prasanthi Nilayam, Andhra Pradesh.

    The interpretation of so called supernatural experiences can be understood through books like "Science Beyond Yoga" by Osborne, Sri Ramana Ashram, Tiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu)

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    well i did.. there is a place in India where people take all the possessed people to help cure them. I saw a woman sitting by a tree with all her hair standing up and a weird voice coming from her throat. Did scare the hell out of me. but that place is magical. you dont get scared at all.

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    sooner or later while i replaced into like 14 i replaced into cleansing the living room and that i began dusting a shelf that had birthday vehicles on and that i replaced into approximately to bypass one out of how so i ought to dirt under it and it mover like 3 inches via itself. i stared at it for some moments and reported thank you then carried on with what i replaced into doing. to on the present time i nevertheless cant clarify what happened, it somewhat is not like the home is haunted because it happened at my mums domicile and he or she nevertheless lives there and not something like that has ever happened till now of after that so it replaced right into slightly unusual.

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    Bamma say he no think so. Bamma have couple very strange things. Bamma say on bedroom wall. Bamms say he wide awake. Bamma not go to sleep yet. Bamma say there on wall was a perfectly formed cross in white light. Bamma say he not joking at all. Bamma figure it light from street. Bamma say he expect to see it next night. Bamma say never saw it again. Bamma have another long and very unusual story. Bamma save that one though. Bamma say he was told to not repeat it. Bamma say people think he nuts if he do. Bamma say so.


    Bamma say blow him. Bamma say where you get off judging Bamma with thumbs down. Bamma say watch what happens. Bamma otta know.

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    i have seen many things. from faeries in pictures of my children, to ghostly apparitions. but the strangest thing i have ever seen occured several years ago. i was lying in my back yard, staring at a clear, summer night sky. suddenly, i saw what could only be discribed as dark ripples. almost as if the sky were a pond, and someone threw a stone into it!! this happened several times that night.

  • i know you wont believe me but here goes i was living in California i was 5 and one night i woke up to get a drink so i go to the kitchen and theres this man just standing there i go running to my parents room they come down and theres no one there 12 years later after moving here to Oregon for about 3 years I'm at the mall and theres this guy running through it he goes running by me and he looks at me and i look at him and right then i remembered the man in the kitchen and i look at him closely and i swear its the same man he was wearing the same clothes and looked exactly the same like not a day has gone by for him like he hasn't aged to this day i cant forget that man

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    Often--I used to go ghost hunting, and I have seen things fly across the room, disappear into thin air or appear out of nowhere, heard disembodied voices and seen seemingly solid people vanish into thin air! I find it all very exciting!

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    A good number of things. Some were terrifying, some were peaceful, and any range of emotions in between...

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    I once got a whiff of my shoes and saw the universe open up in a kaleidoscope of color and light. It made me feel like I was gonna hurl.

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    when i was a child i believed i saw a spirit of a child walk thru my bedroom,its been so long now i'm not sure if i saw it or dreamt it i wasn't afraid, just puzzled

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