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what are specific affects of chewing tobacco.?

My friend chews constantly. the thing is , is that he only chews an ammount of less than a cherry size of chew at once in his mouth.

He started chewing swedish chew called snuss. It wasn't bad for him as much as the american chew. then he couldn't afford it shipping it ehre and started american chew. I thinkm its called codiac winter green or soemthing close to that. Hes been chewing for a few years. The weirdest part is that he swallows the juice. He says that becasue he chews so little at a time that it cant affect him as quick as those who chew mouthfulls of it and spit it out. I'm not really sure. I would like to know what are the affects of chew if only using small quantities at once and swallowing the juices. How long would it take for him to get bad affects that could affect his life?? please answer this for me. If the affects were bad enough i would try and make him quit.

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    the biggest would be tooth and gum problems, possible cancer ,stomache and esophagal disorders, bad breath , dark brown smile, fowl smelling clothes some imediate some long term but all bad Ive used copenhagen for years so this is expirience talking . try getting the attention of some hot 23yr old with missing teeth and a hacking cough attractive ehh.

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    I started chew late in life for a medical condition that it helps and whoa,,, I found out it gets me high. Also it kills germs. I get the effect fromjust a piece the size of a BB so a cherry size might be nice. I too swallow, it works on my problem that way. Tell him to try putting it under his tongue weww

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    chewing tobacco is REAAALLY bad for your mouth, if you chew a too much, they have to cut out a part of your gums!

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    Your friend can get mouth cancer. Not to mention that chewing is totally gross and unattractive.

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    It strikes me as just being sort of crude or hillbillyish.

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