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which language is less difficult to learn, japanese or tagalog (phillipino)?

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    Tagalog is actually a dialect. It's a much more basic version of Filipino, which is the official language of the Philippines. Filipino has a lot more vocabulary and 'deep' words.

    **Exluding the writing of Japanese characters:

    Tagalog vs. Japanese --> Tagalog is easier

    Filipino vs. Japanese ---> Probably the same level of difficulty [I speak Tagalog and have a hard time with Filipino!]

    Overall, with speaking, grammar, writing, pronunciation, etc., Japanese would probably be the more difficult (the writing!!).

    Source(s): Lived in the Philippines and went to school there for four years. That's how I learned Tagalog. I'm still working on my Filipino.
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    It's Tagalog since it's scripts are the same as english.

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    Tagalog would be easier to learn. It is the most or if not more popular of the dialects in the Filipino language.

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    Tagalog probably

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    tagalog. the alphabet is not entirely the same but close.... it's easier because it has similarities with spanish. the way to conjugate verbs is roughly the same

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    tagalog, definitely LOL Japanese has so many nuances, it's crazy T_T I cried inside when I saw one of my friends' textbooks LOL

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    tagalor is easier. the pronounciation is according to it's spelling and we Filipinos use the English alphabet,

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    because the you read it through its spelling...

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    Get a Kabhayaan - say Komastaka

    He will teach and you will learn....

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    mandarin orange

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