How would i go about getting a friend to ask me out?

I have this really close friend. I really like him and he knows i do. I want to go out with him but everytime i talk 2 him about going out he says he dont want to mess up our friendship. I want to try and see what happens but i dont know how to get him to feel the same way... can you help me?

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    I would respect his wishes. You could always do some sort of chicken dance and question his manhood though.

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    You should respect his feelings. He values your friendship enough to not want to complicate it with all the issues that accompany an exclusive relationship. You should take a closer look at how you are pursuing this now.

    You are persistent and don't mind his feelings or concerns as much as you value your own. It's more important for you to take this further than it is for him not to want to. I think you already paint a true picture of what it would be like to be "with him". He would be unhappy and you would be in total bliss. I don't want to be mean, but it appears as if there would be an emotional inbalance in terms of who's needs or wants were getting fulfilled.The best thing you can do is let him feel what he feels.Don't try to make him feel the same way for your convenience.that is selfish and inconsiderate.This is already chipping away pieces at your friendship. Trust me.If you don't, then keep being persistent and take cover from the fallout.

    Let him claim his feelings.Respect his wishes and appreciate his friendship. This will make you a better friend and he will recognize this in you. A healthy friendship lasts for a long time if not forever. Take what he can give you in friendship and you will most likely be a part of his life forever. A good friendship with the opposite sex grows, in time it's own special bond that is parallel to a significant other.He may turn to you 20 years from now to nurture a broken heart or for support through a life changing event.

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    There is nothing you can do to get him to feel the same way. At this point in his life he is just looking for other things, or other characteristics in a person. When you are in a friendship, you often mistake feelings with ones that could be placed in a relationship. I know that the "what if" questions are killing you,but you can only wait it out. You can not force anyone to do anything.

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    he has already said he don't want to mess up your friendship so he has said it all. however, ask him to a movie or over to eat. or to one of his favorite sports like a real football game. it will cost you to go there you may win his heart. or does he have a girl/woman? if so forget it. best to you happy holidays.

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    if the guy is saying that he doesn't want to mess up your friendship, chances are he's not into you like that. you might have to be satisfied with just being friends. you don't want to do something stupid like getting drunk and offering your body to him because in his drunken stupor, he might take you up on it and it'd be difficult to pick up the pieces after that.

    good luck.

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    1 decade ago

    if you keep pushing him about the dating subject, then that there can possibly just ruin your friendship all together, just wait for him to come around, but if not, its better to keep a friendship with him, then have nothing at all right!

    good luck with that!! ♥

  • Nikki
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe he is afraid of losing your friendship after you date. An ugly breakup will do that.

  • NoMaD!
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    Well honestly use the natural ability God has blessed all women with. Getting what they want through seduction, friend or not. If you really wanted to get him going just seduce him, be sexy and use your charm to get him rethinking what he wants with you.


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    juss keep him as a friend or if u really like him then juss ask him out explain things u guys will do together explain why u like him and that he looks good

    Source(s): u never know maybe hez seein sum1 or hes gay or ur not his type
  • Tina
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    the worst thing you can do is force the poor man to date you... you can NOT make him go out with you if he doesn't want you. either keep being good mates or forget about him and MOVE ONNN!!!

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