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Had to put family dogs up for adoption due to divorce. Can I find out who has adopted them?

I'm currently going through a divorce, husband wouldn't keep my dogs for me untill I could find a place for them, they went up for addoption in June 2006. It killed my daughter and I to do it, but there was no other solution at the time. I can't stop thinking about them. I worry about them being safe, warm, happy...I can't sleep at night, and I can't seem to consentraite on anything but making sure my babys are OK. I put an add in our local news paper saying basicly the same thing. No answer! I'm at my wits end and making myself sick worrying about them. Skipper, she is a Border Collie, fat and spoiled to death. Ayla, she is a Red Healer w/no tail, also very spoiled! They were like one of my kids, and I love them just as much as my own kids. They were family to my daughter and I and we miss them horribly! We live in Grand Junction, Colorado. Please and Thank You!

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    No you can not find out, it is against the Privacy Act to provide these details.

    What you could do however, is ask the shelter to pass your details onto the new owners to see if they would liek to make contact.

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    FIRST, you must read that contract time and again to be certain you are now not missing something...There would be some rule that says if the canine ever ends up again in the refuge they'll not return it to the owner. I'm certain you realize why they'd try this. Anyway, if you're surely sure that there is no such rule, then that lady is breaking the legislation, and her individual causes imply NOTHING. Go to the police and tell them what's going on. The canine is you property and he or she is stealing. I agree that you need to take vet files to the police also. Simply be certain there's nothing within the contract about this, otherwise you are going to look like an fool ;) i don't see any need to hire a lawyer, i might believe the police could maintain this.

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    find it out ffrom the records of the place where yo gave the dog for adoption like if youve put an ad in the paper for adoptinon search for phone numbers of people who called you for adopting the dog if youve given it for adoption in a dog shelter then if they have it in their records then sure you will be able to find your dog

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    go to the kennle you put them up for adoption at and ask the owner of the kennle,you did put them in a kennle right

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    Give it up and don't be so attached. It's not healthy. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of dogs.

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