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what is the significance of "CHINESE CHART" for women to get pregnant?

does it really work, i actually am asking this cause lots of people beleive if you have sex according to Chinese chart then its easire to decide the gender of the child to be born, is it really true?

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    It is an ancient Chinese gender prediction chart (I believe the original stone chart is on display at a museum of science in China), that is based on the mother's lunar age and the month of birth. I haven't been able to find any more information on it--it must be mystical! I have heard that it is fairly accurate--something like 80% of the time. Friends of mine say they know women who go by it and it is accurate for them 100% of the time. Generally the chance of having a boy increases with older women, according to the chart. Here is a link to a sure that you add on two years to your age (that is your lunar age).

    What is very weird is that I read about it in some material given to me by my doctor...go figure.

    Another way to predict sex that is more medical has to do with the heart beat of the baby. The heart beat of a fetus ranges between 120 and 180. If it is on the higher end, it is probably a girl, and if it is on the lower end, it is probably a boy.

    As far as using the Chinese calendar to conceive a girl or boy, I say it can't hurt. It seems less complicated than some of the other methods.

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    Free Chinese Pregnacy Calendar Lunar : The Chinese Pregancy Calendar, also called the chinese conception chart, is supposed to predict whether your unborn baby will be a boy or a girl!

    See this website.

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    i was looking at the chart and i checked it with my son and it was right said i was having a boy i also checked it with all of my familys kids and they were all right every one about 25 i am now pregnant and it says girl not sure if its right hoping though i have my ultrasound in two weeks will know then

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    MY friend just had a child and according to the chart she should have had a girl, but it was boy

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    Pure entertainment, if its right it's luck. Hey anyone has a fifty percent chanced of guessing the sex of an unborn.

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    i was just watching a show on TV today and the woman who was talking about it- was a midwife. they tried it on 100 pregnant women. (to determine the sex of the baby) and she said that 80% of the time, it was accurate.

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    from personal expierence no it's not true not for me anyway...

    Source(s): mom of one 7 year old
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