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How do you get into doing missionary work?

I'd like to get into being a missionary but I don't know how to go about it. I know some churches do it but I've never heard anything about it from my church. Anyone here a missionary or similar sorts of volunteering or know anything about it?

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    Well first of all most of your mainstream Denominations have a Missionary Department at their main offices or headquarters.

    The first step I would take is talk to your pastor and find out if the church you go to reports to a main office or headquarters.

    Second thing is support , It cost money to send missionaries out in to the field. Most church organizations that have missionaries they have a time state side to build up support every year for that purpose.

    You also need to get a passport , If you are interested in becoming a missionary you need to start working on this ASAP! since 9/11 they have changed a lot of rules pertaining to passports and it takes now about 6-8 weeks for all the background checks.

    I have been to Mexico and Jamaica on short mission trips and I can tell you one thing you will never be the same when you get back.

    If your church does not have anyway of hooking you up to more info please e-mail me and I can give you info on a organization that might be able to help.

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