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Can I expect a further help on my issue from all of you?

dear friends, last week i have shared my prblem with u all and got wonderful response for my query.(I have been cought for shop-lifting and released under bail upon submission of my passport at one of the retail outlets in dubai,a case is charged against me) the answers were consoling, sympathetic, attentive and pensive. i thank all of you for there with me and promise that i will abide the

guiding principles. till now i have not received any call from the cops and these waiting period I feel in the depth of despair, i am ready to face the punishement, but waiting for the punishement is really suicidal. my husband is aware of my situation and he told me that he will go to the retailers and talk to them on my behalf, he wants me to write a pleading letter requesting to withdraw the case and settle the issue paying the penelty . i need to check with you all that do you think it will be a right way, in that case what i should be writing to them. please advice ...i will be highly obli

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    1 decade ago
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    ~I would think you would have a court appointed attorney if you can't afford one. The attorney can instruct you on what to do. Any letter you write would be for the judge.

    Since you did shoplift, I understand you can't go back to that store. Getting them to withdraw the case is not likely to happen. Wait for your trial and try not to worry. Sounds like you'll probably just get probation.~

  • 1 decade ago

    I am not quite sure what to write, I would try to contact them directly, go speak with someone. I do think you should try and you should go talk with the retailers, not your husband, it will look better.

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