my six week premature`baby fight with me while breast feeding?i have to pump &give her through bottle.?

my nipples are not shaped aswell.i give her formula thrice a day.iwant her to nurse her plz pumping has it side effect.

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    As she is premature, your baby finds it harder to latch on. When you say your nipples are not shaped, do you mean they are inverted? It is a common problem, but your baby can still feed perfectly well from you. You have to get her to take the whole areola into her mouth, in order for her to successfully get milk from you. Make yourself comfortable, relax, and completely support her with pillows etc. Persevere with feeding her yourself, because from her perspective, feeding from a bottle/nipple is much easier than breastfeeding, so continue to breastfeed her at the beginning of every feed, even if you eventually give her a bottle. Try to sit down to breastfeed her before she is very hungry, and it will be less frustrating for both of you. Meanwhile, keep on pumping and giving her the benefit of your colostrum and immunity she derives from your milk. Mothers milk really is the best for all babies, but as others have said, if you end up bottle feeding, at least you tried your best, and move on with enjoying being the best mom you can to your daughter.

    Source(s): I was a breastfeeding counsellor and breastfed my own two daughters.
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    4 years ago

    My son was 9 weeks premature and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get him to feed. My breasts were too big for his tiny little mouth. I pumped until he got out of the hospital. The milk your pumping is giving him lots of antibodies. Don't feel bad if he can't feed. You are being a good mother. Pumping hurts less than actual breastfeeding anyways. Congratulations!

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    I had a very hard time nursing my second baby, try pumping to get a better milk suply in so maybe if the baby doesn't have to work so hard for it, it will be easier for you. Also, look up a good lactaion consultant near you in the phone book or on the internet, they can help alot through mental support as well as tips for positioning timeing and all of that.

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    Some babies just cannot latch. She's fighting because she cannot latch's a common problem with preemies.

    I second what the first answerer said...consult a lactation consultant in your area if breast feeding is that important to you.

    My mom couldn't breast feed me (her milk was "poison" to me) and I turned out don't feel a failure if you have to bottle feed exclusively.

    Good luck.

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    it is worth it! stick with it!! it will get better. pump make sure you do it every 2 hours to build up your milk supply.

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