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Anyone know anything about a potentially fatal lung condition/disease in large breed dogs?


My German Shepherd died at 2 yrs 6 days. And my friend's Great Dane died at about 2.5 yrs with similar conditions. About a week she looked miserable. We went to the vet they gave her antibiotics and other meds. Then the day she died she looked so sad and she'd been avoiding me all week. She was usually in my lap. At the vet she died on the floor. She had blood in her lungs.

Update 2:

My GSD was very well cared for. She when to the vet regularly, was free of heartworms, and up to date on all her shots and medications. (Aswas my friends Dane). She was a very happy go lucky crazy dog. She was also convinced she was a lap dog. I thought it a little strange that two dogs die with similar conditions so close together without a real explaination.

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    CANINE BLOAT (Gastric Dilation-Volvulus) is a digestive problem caused by the excessive swallowing of air while eating, gastrointestinal secretions, and gas from fermentation of food in the stomach. This is a LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY primarily found in large or giant, deep-chested dog breeds, but it also has been reported in smaller breeds such as the Dachshund and Basset

    lung worms and lung cancer is a common thing in large breeds,

    lung tumors,


    Thick mucous secretion that is formed in the lungs.

    there are so manythings that can occur in large breeds of dogs, but diet, and health exams are a big factor in kepping a large breed healthy. bloat is the number one killer of large breeds.

    Source(s): have rescued pets for 30 years and own a saint bernard
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    What breed of dog are you talking about? Breeds of dogs are inbred so tend to carry genetic dieases. It is important to make sure that you research what diseases a certain breed is disposed to getting. Then before breeding both dogs need to undergo genetic tests. Like the most common OFA for hip dysplasia.

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    Pneumonia is, but it can kill in all sizes of dogs. I actually have a friend of mine whose 2 year old Afghan Hound just recently passed away from bacterial pneumonia.

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