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sb asked in HealthMen's Health · 1 decade ago

What is the nomal penis size?

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    1 decade ago
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    anything from 4-8 is normal.

    This is in my own writing, it wasn't copy and pasted, enjoy it, it took me a while to write it and hope is beneficial to everyone. Thanks.

    Since I have answer to many of these question regarding penis sizes, i recollected most of my answers, read it and you make be satisfy with a correct answer.

    Is a little less than average, but i could predict that at least 20% of males are of that size or under ;) , well actually height does not matter, some people over six feet tall dont have a 5 inch dick! I came up with this after researching it!

    penis sizes!

    less than 4 inches is way below ! >4.5-5.0 moderate > 5.0- 6.3 (average 65% of any male u encounter are around this size!) > 6.7 (10-20% of popul) more than average > 7.2-9 less than 10% (gifted) > 9+ thats a big ******* story! ahhaah 0.1% of the male population *(Different web site and researches show these stat as the average penis 5.1, 5.7, 5.9, 5.877 from these numbers you can conclude what’s average, since all those are say to be average, I guess they are diff because are taken in different regions, let say if u take the same test in china you would find out that 4.7 is average! and 6 is to big. well other internet survey say to be 6.2 so is funny because it does not match with true measurement, so self measurements adds more than 2 cm. Be proud of what you have, the average vagina is about 3-4 inches so there is no problem filling up that space! and if the woman loves you, there is no problem.. but everyone wants a bigger penis even I and i have 7.3 :) .... **** dont they say smaller pennis stand up longer? enjoy

    you don’t worry; I bet money that 80% + those that make fun of other with small organs have less than 6.6 inches! cuz only 10% of the population have over 7 inches!

    do stretching it may give u a few cm


    will know ur final size when u reach 17... you will gain from .2-1.5 inches from that age up to 17!


    The ideal penis would be above average size (if you were given a woman what would you pick the same girl with smaller or bigger breast? yes is possible you pick above average and not to big either, is the same thing for penis..) what would that size be? hmm I would definitely say 7-8 inches x 6 inches of circumference..thats a bit bigger than porn actor though, most porn actors have between 6-7 inches but since their are bellow 6 feet their penis look bigger on them... and so there are porn actor with more than 8 inches...(note that those male actors on the internet with mega penis are mostly the same people...there aren’t many with over 10 inches...) like I said is preference some woman may prefer something smaller then 5 inches... or something bigger than 7 ... but at the end you will love a woman with small tities you usually never dump her for that.... it happens to be the same with women and our penis... Hope this helps..

    forget the motion of the ocean.... sorry girls but a 4 inch guy can do what a 7 inch penis do ( if they know what they are doing of course)vaginas are 2-2.5 inches wide therefore a penis with girth of 6 inches will reach and stretch you so all ur nerves are receiving pressure, so is ur G spot everything is done by PRESSURE, NOT THE MOTION OF THE OCEAN learn that....a 5 inch penis can almost do the same thing but give the same person different sizes and u will see the different of course anything over 9 inches can hurt and less pleasure but anything from 7-8.5 inches is the BEST of sizes of course if it has 6-6.5 inches of girth

    I had like 6.5 when I was 16 and now I am 18 it is 7.3,.. Don’t feel bad, try doing exercises like stretching! maybe u gain something in 1 month! keep going if u see any gain maybe instead of gaining 1 inch.. u gain 2-3!

    penis sizes!

    less than 4 inches is way below ! >5.2 moderate > 5.5- 6.3 (average 60 % of any male u encounter are around this size!) > 6.7 (10-20% of population) more than average > 7.2-9 less than 5% (gifted) > 9+ that’s a big ******* story! ahhaah 0.1% of the male population

    yo, u have 4 in so what? u can satisfy any woman, plus u are oriental so u may be with Orientals so u are in the normal size for Orientals.. even a person with 3.5 in penis could satisfy an oriental woman! try doing penis massages, i dont know if they work. I do them sometimes but have seen no gains but after all i dont need it, i am like 7.3 inches. :) ur orientals women have seen shorter penis than that i bet!

    first measurement is soft(unerect, second is erect penis size in inches. Hope it gives you an idea.

    United States 3.4/5.0

    Germany - na/5.6

    Spain - na/5.3

    France 4.7/6.2

    Japan 3.1/5.1

    Brazil - na/4.8

    Italy 3.9/5.9

    Venezuela 3.7/5.0

    Mexico - na/5.9

    Greece - na/4.8

    India - na/4.0

    Saudi Arabia - na/4.9

    Chile - na/5.5

    Colombia 3.5 5.4

    Korea 2.7 3.7

    My words are truly and not made to hurt anyone's feelings, I am just answering, I don't know you and probably don't know me either, so I don't win anything from lying.


    let the truth be told.

    I found this site.... pretty good put ur size where it says ([pick your erection length) hehe see where you stand.. (the graph shown tell us an average of about 6 inches… which isn’t true, if u read what I wrote above averages range from 5.0-5.7 so, let say if u happen to have 5.25 inches and the graph gives u are bigger than only 10% isn’t quiet true, you can be bigger than 20-30% and like if u have 6 inches u may be in the 60 -70% not in the 50% where the graph says…. I just add this graph because I found it cool.)

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    It depends on how old you are, as the penis grows in its length up to the age of about 18 or so. There is no such thing as 'normal' size, since there are variations between people living in different countries and climes.

    One should be happy with a size (erect) between 4 to 8". For satisfying a woman, even a 3" penis should do as the most sensitive part of a woman in sex doesn't exceed beyond 3" or so. It is not an advantage to have a very large penis as deeper thrusts during intercourse would cause more of friction in the woman's body and give her pain.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Normal erect size is 4.5" to 6"

    All of these self proclaimed 7's, 8's, and 9's out there are either enhanced or liars.

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  • TOM
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    1 decade ago

    i believe the average size is about 6 inches,can be smaller or larger,lucky for some not so for others ay

  • 1 decade ago

    Ther is no normal size for that be happy what u had. now it cant be under when we get partner to have it we can know is she can enjoy it r she want more pressure that time it can be increase by using some medicine

  • 1 decade ago

    6-10 inch

  • 1 decade ago

    there is no standard size for penis around the world.

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