my six week premature`baby fight with me while breast feeding?i have to pump &give her through bottle.?

my nipples are not shaped aswell.i give her formula thrice a day.iwant her to nurse her plz pumping has it side effect.

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    She's premature. that right there tells you that she may have problems with latching onto your breast, her mouth is tiny and her sucking reflex may not be that developed right now. Pumping your breast milk and using it in a bottle is just as good as it coming from the breast. It hasn't lost any of its nutritional value. Formula is very closely matched to breast milk these days as well. Most even have nutrients found in breast milk. None of my children could latch properly so I had no choice but to formula feed them and they were/ are in perfect health. All formula must be approved by the FDA so you can rest assured that no matter what you feed your baby, breast or formula, she will be fine. Keep doing what you are for now and keep trying to get her to latch, once she gets a little older and bigger she may be able to latch better. Make sure that she takes your entire nipple, including the areola (darker skin around your nipple) into her mouth. That ensures the best latch possible for correctly breast feeding and reducing the amount of air intake. Good Luck and congrats on you baby.

    Source(s): Mom of three boys. Ages 4, 3 and 2 years old.
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    My son was 9 weeks premature and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get him to feed. My breasts were too big for his tiny little mouth. I pumped until he got out of the hospital. The milk your pumping is giving him lots of antibodies. Don't feel bad if he can't feed. You are being a good mother. Pumping hurts less than actual breastfeeding anyways. Congratulations!

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    Contact La Leche league. Someone can actually meet with you to correct your problem. If you have inverted nipples it may take longer for your baby to figure out how to feed. By giving her a bottle you're actually making it harder for her to learn how to breastfeed. She might have nipple confusion. Plus, the bottle helps the milk come out at a much faster rate than your breast so your baby is getting more immediate results and she doesn't have to work as hard. As long as you are giving her a bottle she is probably going to choose it over your breasts. Don't use a nipple shield without supervision. I tried and it ended up making my life a complete nightmare for a week afterwords. Your goal as a breastfeeding mother is to get your baby feeding as naturally as makes your life easier. If he/she becomes dependent on a nipple shield it makes your life more difficult. One more thing to carry around, clean, and try ptting it on when you are in public trying to discreetly breastfeed.

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    Feeding premature babies requires special consideration. Peemies have immature gastrointestinal systems and generally cannot effectively suckle or swallow until they're 32 to 34 weeks old. Breast milk can be pumped and fed to the baby.

    Call your doctor and tell them the problem. They can recommend a lactation specialist like you saw in the hospital.

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    Just know she will probibly like the bottle better it is easier for them to suck and being a primie she does not have as much energy to burn to breastfeed. If your nipples are not shaped to make this easier she will refuse. What you can do is get a nipple shield at the store it is a plastic peice that fits over your nipple like a suction cup and it allows for the baby to have a better nipple to latch onto, making it easier.

    Good luck, be patient and it will work out the older she gets.

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    don't worry my son was the same way and there is no side effects in pumping. it can be a little difficult because its much easy without the pump. but she get the hang of it just give her time

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    There are lactation specialists I highly reccomend you find one. My daughter could not eat the first six days of her life. we went to the bottles I pumped and then to the breasts. It can be done but it takes alot of hard work. Consult a hospital they have lactation specalists there.

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    Maybe your boobs stink. I saw this on Dr. Phil. This girl didn't want her husband near her because she thought they smelled bad. I had never heard of this but apparently some women have real dirty pillows.

    Source(s): Dr. Phil and Carrie
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