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Who should I start? Vick or Hassaelbeck?

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    would u really want to start hat massleback against that chargers d. come on. seneca wallace has played better than hat massleback they should play him. as u can tell i dont like hat massleback he is to inconsistent

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    Due to Vick's groin injury...I'd go with Matt.

    A lot of times those injury reports are misleading, so if you are sure Vick will be at 90%, then he is the man. If in doubt, go with a guy who will play the whole game and probably be behind - which means more passing yards.

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    I'm starting Vick. The falcons are on the bubble so he should show up. Also his leg is giving him fits, so less running and more passing.

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    Vick fa sho he can run and pass if you got da right team, he is unstoppable

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  • 1 decade ago

    i would start vick

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