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Invited to his place...?

So this guy I like had decided that we should get together and exchange our gifts up at his parents place on Christmas Day instead of exchanging them at work like we had previously planned. He has already told his parents I will be coming and they are totally cool with it. He's also given all his other friends their gifts already and didn't invite any of them over. Does this mean that he likes me and do guys usually invite just a friend over to their parents (already jam packed with relatives) house?

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  • NoMaD!
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    1 decade ago
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    He is digging you for sure. A guy will never invite just anyone over to meet his family if he doesn't like you. I have dated many women and only a select few have ever made it to that point. You should take it as a personal compliment, he feels he has made a right choice with you and now he want to show you off to his family. These days its not to often you meet a girl you would take home to mom and pops.


  • 1 decade ago

    well , he likes you but he wants to make sure his parents also like you , sometimes guys want to make sure their parents are ok with the girl before they get into something serious with her.

    that'sa good sign , go and meet them and try to pay attention to them as they are old and they like to be the center of the discussion. :D

  • 1 decade ago

    He likes you. It makes sense because he won't invite someone he doesn't like in his home right?

  • he likes you.

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