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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    ~I don't need to click on those links to say I support the troops, I just wish they hadn't all died needlessly.~

  • 1 decade ago

    Before it began, I had issues with this war. However, I always supported our troops. I've always found it sad how there our homeless veterans. It's a disgrace. When you have some family members in the military, you realize how little they paid for what they do. I find that intolerable, but where and how do you begin to change it? My little brother will be deployed to Iraq after this holiday time leave (he recently joined for financial reasons). I just cannot imagine having someone over there. I couldn't before it literally hit home. Those who oppose this war don't oppose our troops, but it seems as if our press sometimes do. It might be just to push their point, but whatever happened to journalism. Any station picks a side and sticks to it. Sorry, I'm just fed up. I don't agree with why we entered Iraq and am unsure in regards to the future. All that I know at this hour is that I don't want to see, hear, etc. of my brother's death on the news. However, they usually don't seem to pay much attention to that. Sorry...I'm ranting. I'm what most would call a liberal even before that was a bad term. I decided to edit this comment tonight. I'm sorry for that individual giving me the thumbs down consistently. I will pray for you. As it might surprise you to learn, I am not of the Christian/Jewish/Muslim/Buddhist/ETC, ETC, ETC faith. I have studied a good deal in each and none are for me. (parts of each are as with wiccan, b'hai, etc, etc, etc) I celebrate Christmas because of this - 1) I get to gather with my family (blood/chose) this one time a year because of work, and, 2) my family truly cares about those less fortunate. They are dirt poor and would take anyone in. I respect my mother and father more than I respect myself. Go and give that a thumbs down. I'm sorry, but I kept the religion out of the holiday long ago. I feel that people should show kindness throughout the year. Give me a thumbs down. It really seems as if hostility abounds in this world. All I want right now is snow, huggings my family, and peace in this world.

  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, However the stuffed shirts in D.C. have one heck of a LONG CHAIN tied to the G.I.

    Especially the check book. The first thing that QUIT in Nam was the money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to SUPPORT THE TROOPS.

    We can have 100 Yellow Ribbons on the bumper of our car, BUT WHEN the politics cutts off the bucks to the support of the troops, WHO SUFFERS FIRST?

  • 1 decade ago

    Honor, courage ,love and knowledge that if NO one IS WILLING to set personal risk aside,-- WHO anywhere will ever be able to see their next generation smile and grow....

    WE sleep well in our safe beds....Many need and long for the protection and care given by those who serve and those families that also sacrifice for a greater good...

    the USA was founded to prevent oppression and arbitrary rule.

    we have prospered....others, sometimes- need help to get back on their path...What would WE BE if we chose to close our eyes and hope the suffering had the courtesy to die quietly?

    Politics is power play; Humanity is seeing that others can also create their own unique culture where their kids can sleep well.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    politics and the military should never mix, it is always a bad combination, however you cut it. if we need to send our military to defend our land / people , fine, but keep the politicians out and let our soldiers do their job, and yes it is nasty, it has atrocities, mistakes, civilian casualties, etc., that is war, that is combat, it is ugly and ugly things must be done in order to achieve victory.politicians only confuse the issues and get soldiers killed who need not have died, look at vietnam and korea history's as prime examples.

  • 1 decade ago

    One way of supporting our troops we are working on is simplcity itself -


    NOT to any Service personnel.. oh no nice though that may be.. just not this time.

    Our concept that we are working on.. is to write a letter to our "leaders" is George W Bush or Tony Blair.

    Take up your pens and papers TODAY....

    The author of each letter should try to cover 1 of 3 view issues -

    a) The war in Afghanistan... or Iraq

    b) Islamic religion trying to overtake the Christian faith in United Kingdom

    c) The "WestminsterWashington Political Academies" who churn out disrespectful autonomons unable to speak out aka New Labour...Republicans... Conservatives... Demoncrats.. you name it !

    ALL letters should be sent by RECORDED DELIVERY - the reason is simplicity itself.

    If your digust with George W Bush or Tony Blair makes you feel like not putting a stamp on the envelope and sending it Cash on Delivery, overcome the urge! The Mail system will not accept it, and it will become a wasted use of your time and of no use to any US/UK service-person.

    By sending it RECORDED DELIVERY,

    a) someone HAS to sign for that letter to say it has been received.

    b) £1-postage (or whatever the cost for recorded delivery is) from every person is physically showing the troops your support... and WILL be appreciated !

    c) your demonstration of support is NOT costing the ordinary public the threat of losing thier job

    In effect, instead of you signing ANY petition, or closing the streets of Washington/London or wherever, and putting ordinary jobs on the line and marching down a police-approved route for 30 minutes, members of the government via thier staff will have to sign for each letter and your letter will have to be properly responded to... MILLIONS of signatures of the Presidents'/Prime Ministers own staff to add insult to injury !! Let "them sign our petition" to focus thier minds.

    Your letter, will concentrate the thoughts of George W Bush/Tony Blair before they take the easy way out by standing aside for new leaders, as well as provide jobs for extra postal staff and secretarial staff and more importantly, boost the morale of every US/UK service-personnel knowing the UNITED State of America as well as the UNITED Kingdom people are in fact United in backing the need for Tony Blair to honour his televised promise to equip the troops in order to get the job completed... thereby reducing the number of fatalities on a daily basis... as well as promises George W Bush made to his troops as thier Commander in Chief.


    It is simple. Write a letter and send it recorded delivery on the same day - 28th February 2007 to reach George W Bush and Tony Blair on 01 March 2007.

    YOU CAN make a difference.

    Time is running out.. so as the questioner says -

    *** The Politics Support The Troops!!!

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I support our troops 100%

  • 1 decade ago

    Politicians I am not fond of, on the other hand anyone in the services I support.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are only two people who died for all you morons, Jesus and a soldier. Every country in the world owes the USA soldier for saving their asses one way or another.

  • 1 decade ago

    Bring em home!

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