where is the alignment mark for the 1989 vw jetta diesel located? the fuel injector,camshaft and crankshaft m

alignment mark for the fuel injector ,camshaft and crankshaft location

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are not going to be happy. I just looked this up in our shop references.

    You need a special tool, a setting bar #2065A, that gets placed across the back of the last cam journal and timing is found by using feeling gauges and how far the setting bar is off the head.

    Lets toss in there, the special pin and clip needed to lock the injector pump inplace.

    Crankshaft is easy, just line up TDC for cyclinder #1 using the mark on the flywheel.

    I have done many VW Engines, but this one would require me to get buy new special tools and have the printout laying right there with me..

    Sorry.. I tried

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