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How do you get your kid to want to go to school?

My son is 5yrs old and in kindergarten. He recently started not wanting to go to school and throws a huge fit when its time to get ready. He barely makes it out to the bus. He used to love school he would get mad when he didn't have it. Any suggestions on getting him excited about it again or to at least peacefully getting ready. Or thoughts on why he might be refusing to go?? HELP ME!! HELP ME!!

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    First, I think you should find out why he doesn't want to go to school by asking him. He could be bullied or something. Or you could ask his teacher if anything is wrong. You have to try to get him to open up to you. Usually being bullied is the case...

    If you find out that nothing is wrong and he just don't want to go to school for no apparent reason, try rewarding him. Perhaps some candies or maybe a new toy each month.

    If that doesn't work, maybe he's got no friends at all and he feels lonely. Arrange a playdate with another parent or something. Hopefully he'll get some friends.

    I hope that helps.

    Source(s): My cousin who is a lot younger than me used to be that way when he was four-and-a-half a few years back
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    5 year olds are not good with direct questions. Get him busy with something you can do together (tidying up, dishes, colouring) do look directly at him then ask him leading questions about his day and just listen. It wouldn't hurt to pick him up at a school at the end of the day a couple of times to see who he talks to and how he is in school.

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    Contact his teacher. Something that has happened in school could make him not want to go back. He could have had a disagreement with another child. He could just be tired of school because of immaturity.

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    The first thing you need to do is ask him. If that doesn't get results you need to talk to the school. Perhaps he's being bothered by a bully.

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    if he used to love it...and doesn't now.....

    I would take a hard look into WHY

    maybe there's a reason your son doesn't want to go.....

    I would be concerned at a sudden change in my own kids behavior

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    I think you can't change this.. you just have to teach him the art of 'sucing it up'. Once he accepts it. Once he accpets that you will not fight with him. Once he accepts that any attitude won't work. Once he accepts that it is mandatory.. then I think his attitude will improve. What do they say.. in acceptance lies peace...

    Source(s): I would see 'why' though.. is this him saying " i don't like this in my life' or is it him telling you something is wrong there?
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    try a reward system

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