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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 decade ago

I want brown hair with blonde high lights, but underneath the back of the hair I want it to stay brown?

Does anyone know what it's called? Or where I can get a picture online of this hairstyle to show my hairstlyist. Also has anyone got this done? How do you like it? Also I don't want just the crown down in highlights! I want most of my hair highlighted. Just leave underneath in the back brown! Also my hair is blonde right now naturally! I love this hair style. But how bad will it damage my hair? And does anyone know how much it will cost to get it dyed brown and then get blonde highlights in place. And probably get it cut?


could I say also anymore times. LOL! ;)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    this would be a full foil in my salon, but ask your stylist not to add foils to the "nape" area, or not below the occipital bone.

    Paul mitchell has good pics on there web sight.

    I have never gotten this done, but I am a colorist of twelve years, I think it loOKs ok, but i think it looks better when your hair is up, to be able to see bits of color through the nape .

    You potentially can get some damage from this especially if they use bleach,DONT LET THEM.

    if your hair is blond naturally , you can achieve very light tones with hair color, and avoid the damage of bleach. Color sometimes will make your hair feel better! and it is much more shiny.

    A good colorist wont dye your hair brown first, then lighten out pieces. They will apply the light foils first and then wile they are processing, they will apply your color to all the hair not in the foils. Prices vary from salon to salon. But the cost should not be your first question when making your inquiries. It should be experience and education of the person doing it..don't go for cheapest!

    Check out under services is a price list detailing dozens of color services there application methods and prices.

    Consultations are free in most salons. check a couple out. find a person and a price you are comfortable with... then make the appointment.

    Do not go to a beauty school. these people have little or no training. and may have never even done or even seen what you are asking for, as amatter of fact you potentially could be the first person they have ever worked on ever.

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  • HJ
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    1 decade ago

    I think you're describing a color and weave. Just tell the stylist you want the color (brown) throughtout and the weave (blonde) throughout EXCEPT the bottom layer.

    Prices vary soooo much in diferent areas and salons. If you need a good deal, try a cosmetology school. They do a good job and their work is checked by instructors frequently.

    This process should not cause damage to your hair. You're not doing it frequently enough to cause any problems.

    Good luck!

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