Is the Xbox 360 wireless adapter worth it?

Hey, I am hoping to buy a 360 soon and I am wondering if it is worth it to fork out 80-100 dollars for the wireles adapter. I do already have a router which is what is causing me to consider this.

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    To answer your question straight up... no. I bought one last year when I got my 360 at launch and wish I wouldn't have. The cheapest route to go to make your 360 wireless is to purchase a Wireless-G USB Dongle for only around $20. You can find one at

    I'm sure you've played a 360 before, but coming from the owner of a 360, PS3, and Wii I will tell you that the 360 is the best of all 3... well worth it! Good luck.

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    look, I have no xbox 360 or ps3 so this isn't any fanboy remark.. Get the PS3. why? considering which you arent gonna get the arcade reason no tricky force.. so needless to say you're gonna spend $3 hundred on the xbox with the tricky force. as quickly as you got the xbox withe the tricky force you're gonna pay yet another $one hundred for the on the spot adapter. Now, on the different hand you ought to purchase a psthree that ALREADY HAS on the spot in outfitted for the $4 hundred which you're gonna be spending on your xbox.. and you're able to besides get a ps3 considering that its have been given bluray.. and you dont ought to positioned funds right into a rechargable cable.. rechargable battery.. and what no longer. plus while u get the ps3 you get 80gb of area thats 20gb extra suitable than the 60gb xbox.. so yeah thats my view and so im getting a ps3.. could besides get a ps3 because of the fact it could do two times what xbox can for a similar value while you're turning out to be the on the spot adapter. N plus information superhighway is loose so which you dont ought to subject approximately subscribing for no longer xbox stay crap

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    You don’t have to by the adapter from Microsoft. You can try this.

    You will need to configure it by connecting it to a PC first, and then you can move it to your game. It will come with instructions on setting it up, and the 800 support number and online forums will be helpful also

    A cheaper route might be to just hard wire the Xbox directly to your router with a cable. This would mean having to go out and get a long network cable, and run it from the Xbox to the router. I went this route when I had the original Xbox, I found the connections faster and more reliable. So I just kept it that way when I upgraded to the 360

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