Megapixels or Camera?

I use a Canon Powershot S2 IS and has been able to work pretty well for me. I only have a few problems with it. The focus is out sometimes and it is starting to become a bit more sensitive depending on the amount of light available. Also, I have noticed photographers works they are very crisp in color and detail. Is this due to megapixels or camera brands? I am still trying to remain digital. So if anyone has any advice or suggestions to something I can upgrade to, let me know.

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    The site referenced by #1,, is indeed one of the best. Definately follow those links and explore the site.

    As for focus, I'm sure your camera isn't getting worse, you're just getting better at noticing a slightly out of focus shot. That comes with experience. Your camera uses contrast-detection for autofocus, which is cheap to make but not as precise as what you can do with a true autofocus lens. It's especially off in low light and at the long end of the zoom. You're going to need to upgrade to an SLR for better autofocus. Again, see for that.

    Do you do any post-processing with a program like Photoshop? If so, I'd reccomend you turn down the saturation, contrast and sharpness settings in your camera, and add them to your taste in Photoshop. That way you will retain the most detail you can, and you can adjust the feel of the picture later. If not, simply crank those settings up in-camera for a more "punchy" look. If that's still not enough, save and invest in an SLR with a quality lens.

    Source(s): I looked into the S2 IS, and it's a super fun toy, especially with the convienent and high quality movie mode, but a professional tool it's not. Good luck!
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    COntrary to common knowledge, good focusing is a synergy of several factors (aside from the lens design to focus): light entering the camera, vibration from the photographer, shutter speed, etc. More light just means better chances to focus sharply.

    If your camera's performance is declining - have you changed the rechargeable battery? Your camera will struggle to take good fotos using an old rechargeable battery.

    Anyway, if you decide to upgrade, bear in mind that the megapixel race is over. Now, the camera manufacturers are designing cameras that have excellent cleaning engines. So make sure that you get a Canon point and shoot that has the latest technology.

    But of you really want crisp photos, you have to migrate to DSLRs.

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    I think the Ninja is correct. You are just becoming more discerning. My wife started out very happy with her Nikon Coolpix 4300, as it was a huge step up from MY 885. After I got a D70s and then D200, she was jealous of the image quality and we ended up getting her a D50. She's very happy with the D50 and so am I.

    It may be time for you to move into the DSLR world. Canon and Nikon are both good, but the "cheaper" Nikon lenses tend to be better than the "cheaper" Canon lenses, so bear this in mind.

    Many people would look at the Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi) as a good starting point in the Canon line. It is a great camera, but it's lacking a few upscale features that you would find on a Nikon D80. The Nikon costs more, but don't forget that you will be satisfied with the kit lens (for a while) with the Nikon, but you probably will have to spend a couple hundred "extra" to get a decent lens to go with the Canon. Pick them both up and see which one feels right to you. If you really like the feel of your S2 IS, you will probably like the feel of the Rebel XTi better than the D80.

  • to get more clear and crisp photos try using a tripod and the camera self timer. see when you are holding the camera the motion of pressing the button moves the camera and you breath also if the camera you have has a manual setting then take avantage of the shutter speen to absorb more light or the ISO trade light for quality.

    Source(s): 10 years professional photography
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    this is a great review of your camera

    The next move up in quality is to the Canon digital cameras with the CMOS sensors.

    Check out the Canon 30D/ a great workhorse camera at a reasonable price.

    The color contrast,saturation, and sharpness can be setup in-camera to suit your tastes.

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    MP is most important to qualoity regardless of the camera.

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