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Has anyone ever applied for ssi disabilty through social security? Tips for applying?

I have been diagnosed with DDD, and I am applying for SSI, under disability. Has anyone ever went through the process of applying with DDD? What was the outcome? Can you give me some tips for applying? It's been a long medical process for me, physical therapy, pain meds, muscle relaxers, acupuncture, Xrays, and MRI's, chiropractors, etc, etc. I can't work so the next best thing for me is to apply for SSI Disability payments through Social Security. Can anyone help me with any information regarding the application process and tips for applying.

Thank you.

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    Good luck....even someone with an EXTREMELY well documented case can be initially turned down 1 to 3 times before they give in and let you have it.

    I would consult a SS Attorney and let them start the process for you...those with representation seem to have an easier time with it than those without.

    Source(s): My sister is on SSI after a worker's comp case, but because the worker's comp case was so well documented, she was approved the first time.
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    They are both the same thing. When a person refers to "social security" they are talking about SSI or Social Security Disability Insurance. You are basically asking the government to give you your social security early (before 65). Beware though, you can't work if you get SSI. So if SSI doesn't cover all your bills you're screwed. If they catch you working you will have to pay the money back and you'll be taken off SSI. You should get a lawyer though. My dad is on disability and he tried twice to get it on his own with no success. On the third time he got a lawyer and had no problems getting it. He cuts grass part time and gets paid under the table the supplement his SSI check.

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    i have personally had a family member that used to work for social security and it can take up to 6 months before you see any checks

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