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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingTrying to Conceive · 1 decade ago

Pregnancy while menstruating and using a tampon?

Here is the story. I was on the 5th day of my period (they usually last 7 days) and my guy and I fooled around. There was nothing except the string on the outside down there, so he sort of went a teeny tiny bit inside. He climaxed and now I am concerned. Could I still get pregnant even though I was on my period and had a tampon in?


He didn't go IN completely. It was more of a tease thing. I can't quite explain it. You would have had to experience something like this to get what I'm saying.

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    I do not know...

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    Although I probably will get 10 thumbs down just because I'm a guy... to answer your question: yes, but it's not likely. The odds of a single sperm making it to the egg are small enough before the tampon is added into the mix. That's not to say it's good birth control.

    Also, you were having your period, which means you were very unlikely to be ovulating. Although sperm can fertilize an egg 2 days after the fact, ovulation occurs generally once every 28 days, and that 28 days was just ending (or beginning) for you -- but nature can be funny and throw you a curve ball sometimes.

    UPDATE: Since he didn't go in all the way, that's another strike against the chance of getting pregnant, but still no guarantee.

  • 1 decade ago

    You would have to be ovulating in order to become pregnant, and that does not happen. As long as your cycle is more than 14 days (meaning you have more than 14 days between beginnings of your periods--most women have 28-36), then you are not prego.

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    I know someone who had that happen. she was drunk and on her period and her boyfriend went for it not knowing she had a tampon in. so the next morning she woke up and couldn't find the tampon she used the night before. so she went to the doctor and they told her it was stuck way up her vagina. they got it out. and just to be sure she wasn't pregnant she took the morning after pill.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, the tampon was like a diaphram and you are lucky he didn't push that into you and you got toxic shock.. that would be very serious

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