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on probation in okla. can i own rifles??vote?? handguns??

non violant drug charges results in probation, do i lose my gun rights and voting rights?

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    As a general rule you only lose your right to vote after you've been convicted and sentenced for a felony offense. Some states also take away you gun priveleges for convictions of both misdemeanor and felonies (such as domestic violence). It sounds like you had a minor possession charge and will be given probation. Your probation officer will go over all the rules of probation with you. Good Luck!

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    It depends if it's felony or misdemeanor probation. Also...they are conditions to a person's probation that should cover the gun issue, i.e. whether he can have them.

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    CAN YOU ASK YOUR PROBATION OFFICER? We don't know what the charge was. We don't know if you have prior convictions. Ask the P.O.

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    no, only felonies

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