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What words spring to mind when you hear "vegetarian?"?

don't think too hard, just your first few knee jerk responses

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    Wannabe... ;)

    I've yet to meat [sorry couldn't resist] a true vegetarian.

    I was one for a while but I just couldn't kick bacon, or back bacon, or simulated bacon [bacon bits, simulated bacon pork product].... mmmm bacon, who am I kidding...

    Alright... seriously... a Vegetarian diet is considered way better for you than a protein rich diet. And a heathly flexible diet based on vegetarianism can in fact prolong your life. It has been proven through study since 1992 that individuals who have kidney disease, or are inclined to poor renal and kidney function, in fact can experience complete kidney failure, or severely damage their kidneys on high protein red meat based diets.

    David was not making this up... And gout is a possible side effect of the excess acid that is generated as a byproduct causing an increase in urea... bad bad bad... don't be so quick to jump and discount something that sounds a little out of whack. It would have been easier to accept had he cited a website or two... sooo...



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    Overweight anemic people who believe that eating only veggies is somehow more healthy than including meat in the diet. In a word; fanatic.

    Edit: straw..; Your 'evidence' is very thin at best. You think that vegetables have practically no calories. Wow, do you realize that lettuce is not the only vegetable? Have you ever seen a person proclaiming to be vegetarian to be overweight or even obese? How do you think this happens? Also, eating meat is not bad for your heart or liver. What you probably mean is that excessive protein alone is bad for your kidneys, and that excessive cholesterol from certain meats can be bad for your heart. Omega-3 fats from some meat products like fish have a protective effect on the heart. I think that if I were you, I would temper the name-calling, especially considering your response.

    And David: I agreed with you until I read #3 on your list. And by-the-way, broccoli is not strictly cellulose and it does have calories (sugars). And yes I do agree that we eat too much animal protein.

    David: I get your point on the broccoli, the caloric value is minimal (unless there is a quart of Velveeta on top)

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    Corruption... When I hear the word "Politics" the only one word that comes in my mind is corruption. I'm not actually interested in politics but that doesn't mean that I'm not concerned about our country or I don't love my country. I would really like to do something for our country. I don't have any favorite Political Leader..

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    God your answer was so ignorant I don't even know where to begin. OK, here goes:

    1. Carbs are not bad for you. Humans have lived on carbs since the dawn of agriculture. 2 billion people in China and India live on carbs and seem to be pretty 'successful' at it.

    2. You don't know the difference between bad carbs and good carbs. Look it up. Good carbs don't raise the blood sugar level that fast. In fact, we need carbs to maintain a steady, moderate blood glucose level.

    3. There's no glucose in broccoli. It's cellulose. We're not rabbits or cows.

    4. Good luck chowing down on animal protein. It will give you kidney disease, decalcify your bones and give you gout. Good luck to you, you NEED it.


    Sorry I should have specified excessive animal protein (which our SwimGal is most definitely consuming if she doesn't eat anything that came from a plant). Most Americans consume too much protein and about half of this is animal protein. Too much protein is harmful.

    I'm sure moderate amounts of animal protein are OK from a health perspective (ethically, another issue).

    As for #3, I do know there are sugars in broccoli. Probably 50 calories worth or less in a serving. What of it? Comparing it to a 500 calorie candy bar is ridiculous. By the way, a glass of milk has several grams of lactose, which has the same calorie load as glucose (unless one is lactose allergic)

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    I think of hate and ignorance...both sides....For over 13 years, I've been a vegetarian (mostly ovo-lacto). I've always been surprised by random individuals' reaction to my diet. My philosophy is to each their own..hence the hate and ignorance. I have found that with herbivores and omnivores.

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    When I think of vegetarian..I think of how I used to be! I now eat meat, but was a veggie for years.

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    Meat is not the only source of protein.

    (now everyone... repeat)

    [Damn... I'm getting preachy.... When did this happen... oh yeah, when I started in on Y!Answers, and got irritated with all these questions (and answers) from people who really just want to harass and have pissing contests rather than learn anything!]

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    Vegie burgers with plum sauce or a nice Indian Dhal, but I am not a vegetarian.

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    Stinky hippies, white girls with dreadlocks, geeks with black horn-rimmed Buddy Holly style glasses, the whole time surfing on a mac, while sucking down a fishtank sized soy latte with a sprinkle of Madagascar hazelnut inside a Starbucks.

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