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My feelings are extremely hurt.....?

There is this girl that i met right after i got out of the army. We did the dirty the second day we knew each other and not knowing that she had a boyfriend until 2 weeks later we keep doing it. I know she has a boyfriend but trust me I love this girl with all my heart and i dont know what to do. Please help....

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    If she was not willing to tell you she had a bf, then she is untrustworthy and dishonest. You may feel like you love her, but if she will not choose between the two of you, you are just going to continue to be hurt. It is unfair to you and the bf. I am sure you can find a girl who will treat you with the respect and honor that you deserve!!

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    Listen sweetie, you say you love this girl, but trust is an important element in any relationship & she obviously can not be trusted, why didn't she mention having a boyfriend? she just slept with you without caring aboout the other guy in her life.

    When wanting to know anyone's personality, you have to see how they treat other important people in thier lives, & normal girls would either tell you or break up with thier boyfriends, but this girl want's the best of both world. she can never be trusted. If her boyfriend is truly a nice guy & she still had the urge to cheat on him with you, what do you think she'll do if you start dating her & she "accedentally" bumps into another nice guy?

    Love or any relationship for that matter won't work without trust, ask yourself, if me & her hook up, am I going to fully trust her? with everything she did to her boyfriend???? Think smart now, before gettin' in too deep & gettin' it all ugly. She's the cheating type. Period. Even if your madly inlove with someone & theres this doubt in your head that person is cheating on you, you'll definitly break up.

    I truly advise you to look for a "better" & "truthful" girl, alot of nice girls are out there & they're all single, you don't need someone who lied to you RIGHT FROM THE START!!!!

    Seriously bro, just move on, you're much better than this.

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    hello friend

    i understand Ur problem , but my friend if she has a boyfriend how can u do it/. have u not heard "one mans's meat is another man's poison". just imagine urself in her boy Friend's position and then how would u feel when u know she is cheating on u. Man say a big NO to her because , some day even u will be pushed into that pain someday and u can never be happy again , then u will realize on every piece of your broken heart , the pain her boy friend has undergone.



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    Do you love her or the fact she puts out? Remember she's already proven her self as the cheating type and quick to jump in another man's bed. Staying with her is only going to get you hurt in the end. You know that or you wouldn't be asking this. Don't let the fact she is there for your physical needs cloud your judgement.

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    You deserve a hurting heart! You need to find your own girl with no boyfriend! She will do this to you even if she leaves this boyfriend and next time it will be you she is cheating with someone like you@ No class!

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    a guy replaced into mean to her and he or she sounds such as you sided with him via 'messing around ' with him? It felt to her such as you probably did no longer care that he have been mean to her, you enjoyed him besides. ?? ok, it felt like a betrayal. yet you weren't doing your self any good the two. If he will manage her like that, he will manage any woman like that. So any clever woman could shop her distance from him. All you're able to do is tell her you already know you harm her, which you quickly sided with some sleezoid guy, you had a termporary black out. whether she would be able to have faith you lower back, is as much as her.

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    lol... alright, man... from someone who's been in the same spot NUMEROUS times....

    I only have one question... but first, you have to imagine you're her boyfriend....

    picture yourself sitting at home, trying to call her, she doesnt answer her phone, doesnt tell you where she is, you're worried about her, you miss her and you're looking forward to seeing her tonight... maybe cuddling on the couch and "watching a movie" or whatnot... but she never shows up, and she doesnt call all night...

    so, my question is this...

    when you finally realize that this girl you're head over heels for has been having sex with some guy you never knew about, would you still love her...?

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    Well you need to talk to her, tell her how much you love her and that you want to be with her, find out if she feels the same way about you, if she does then she needs to leave her boyfriend and just be with you, if she isn't willing to leave him, then you need to leave her because this would mean that she doesn't feel as passionately about you as you do her....

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    well this is a tuffy.. do u know if she is happy with the guy she is with? and if not then why dont she leave him and be with u and if she is happy well sad to say u may have to tuck your tail between your legs and break out the icecream i would ask her where she thinks u and her are heading relationship wise then u may get a clue..

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    I know its hard, but you have to let go. Even though she is being intimate with you it doesn't mean she is going to break up with her boyfriend for you. You don't deserve that, somebody else better will come along and be with only you.

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