Who else doesn't think Dumblebore is dead?

Okay I know he supposedly dies but what if it was a plan set up between him and snape. Check out this site if you want more facts.


They found so many clues I just blazed over!

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    Oh great, I hadn't read that one yet.

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    Here's my take:

    First off, Dumbledore is dead, I think that's certain. I think what Snape did was a mercy killing. Remember how Dumbledore had to drink the vile water/poison in order to get the item in the cave? I think Snape knew what he was doing, and when he saw Dumbledore perhaps sensed he had been poisoned, and mercy killed him. I think we'll find out that all this was planned out, and both Snape and Dumbledore knew what had to be done, that Dumbledore would be poisoned, and by killing him, Snape not only put him out of his misery, but convinced Death Eaters he was still one of them.

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    It's a good theory but very unlikely. Jo Rowling has already stated that Dumbledore is in fact... really dead.

    I know people want to keep hope alive for Dumbledore but he's gone and as much as I hate it, I don't think we'll ever see him as a living, breathing person ever again.

    His portrait on the other hand...

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    Yeah, that article is nice but JK has announced that Dumbledore is not going to come back & she has already apologised from " www.dumbledoreisnotdead.com " for spoiling the motive of their site !!!!

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    I think he's dead. I think he and Snape set it up to save Draco.

    And I think there is far, far too much phoenix imagery surrounding Dumbledore to believe he's going to stay dead.

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    Jo has confirmed that Dumbles is dead. :(

    A J.K. Quote:

    One of the most important things I decided was that magic cannot bring dead people back to life. That’s one of the most profound things. The natural laws of death applies to wizards as it applies to Muggles and there is no returning once you’re properly dead.

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    I happen to believe that he is dead because it fits the classic good vs evil story. The old counselor often dies because the young hero has to face the enemy alone. Obi wan Kenobi is an example of this.

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    I think that he is dead. J.K. said herself that she was killing off the characters that mean't the most to harry that way he would have to figure out how to fight his battles alone. Plus usually when a character dies in her books they never come back because once they are dead they're dead.

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    There is that possibility that Dumbledore is not dead but JK Rowling says he is dead.

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    i am sad to say this, but he really is dead. JK Rowling herself confirmed this in her Evening With Harry Carrie and Garp interview.

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    I can't swallow the "fact" that Snape is evil. Dumbledore isn't dead. He can't be.

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