Are teens and 20-25 discriminated against by middle-aged and older people?

During everyday encounters.


20-25 year olds*

...I am talking about unreasonable discrimination, of course.

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    Making broad generalizations of this type is unfair to both groups mentioned. I read some of the previous responses all based on individual experiences. Different perspectives yield different results.

    Although I don't consider myself to be among the "older people" yet, I am not young either. One of my best friends is a 23-year-old co-worker. I'm old enough to be her mother, but I get along better with her than with some of my chronological peers. However, there are some members of that younger age group that I could choke. There are also some older people that I could choke and others that I dearly love.

    Discrimination in all its forms; age, race, sex, etc. depends on our experiences with an individual, not the group as a whole. If we ever mature enough as humans to accept that simple premise, cultural and social discrimination and the hatred it fosters will no longer exist. Ah, Utopia. :)

  • I do know that middle-aged and older people will discriminate when it comes to a teen or young adult is doing a professional job, such as carpet cleaning. My brother worked for my stepfather for a while doing carpet cleaning and went to clean the house of an older age woman. She was not amused by this (My brother was 19 at the time) and called my stepfather to complain that my brother was improfessional. When my stepfather went over there to check the condition of the carpet, it was fine and there was nothing wrong. Older people just haven't gotten used to a younger generation doing their professional work, and often will ask for an older person because they feel that they are more respectful.

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    Does this mean that the under 25 year olds want to take up arms [weapons] and go hunting for the over 40 crowd?

    The thing I find alarming is that the older generation had everything handed to them on a silver platter.. [low cost- land, businesses, educations, et cetera]

    The younger generation now has to pay top dollar for [land, businesses, educations, et cetera].

    As in all things talk is needed before civil war between the older generation and younger generation erupts.

    Young need to understand old.

    And old need to understand where the young are coming from before strife breaks out.

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    if anyone discriminates against 20-25 its mcdonalds. have you ever heard their commercials? I am so tired of them making younger people sound like no-brainers. give me a break, they portray them as half stoned with no brains. i being middle-aged turn the radio station when a mcdonalds commercial comes on because of that reason

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    I suppose that is happening, just as it happens to older people too. Personally, I am older and get a kick out of teens and 20's people. The ones that I know are funny, lively, somewhat dingie, good workers and just neat to watch or be around. They keep me young...

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    Unreasonably I don't think so. I think less intelligent decisions are expected from teens and younger people and sometimes for good reason. Older people tolerate unreasonable behavior from younger people so I guess you get it both ways.

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    1 decade ago

    YES! This past thanksgiving they had the ODOSITY to tell me to sit at the children's table!I am in my early 20's of legal drinking age...and served in the Army as an intelligence analyst! It was the greatest insult! Needless to say that I got up and left.

    And let's not forget their constant looking down at us with contempt for being "foolish inexperienced children"!

    They are just bitter and jealous (with some exceptions of course)

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    you bet, but not half as much as the younger are prejudiced against the older. if you're young enough to think you know it all, then you are truly a babe in arms, regardless of what your birthcertificate says.

    sorry, but discrimination is rampant in society today, more than at any other time in history

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    I'm 46 and I don't discriminate against anyone except ignorance.

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