If Christmas is about family and friends?

what is up with the presents? do you really need presents to celebrate christmas?


Love is the greatest gift.

Update 2:

Instead of me buying presents for everyone, I donate my money to charity.

I just send Christmas cards to my friends and relatives to know I'm thinking about them.

Update 3:

christmas is too commercialized, yea I agree.

Update 4:

I have bought presents for people before and some of them never gave me a thank you note or thank you. Buying presents for people doesn't guarantee that they'll appreciate you.

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    It is an old tradition that when you are celebrating something you give each other gifts as part of the whole thing to let them knwo you appreciate them etc blah blah...but nowadays, it has been so commercialized that it has lost its real meaning and get people all worked up and stressed about buying presents etc instead of feeling good about each others company and being together.

  • Cicero
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    No, you don't NEED presents. But they let your friends and family know you've thought about them. Most of us would rather have a small, inexpensive present that someone put some THOUGHT into rather than an expensive one that was just bought off the shelf.

    Presents are a way to say "you matter." But so are cards, letters, and homemade food/gifts.

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    I'm pretty sure it's symbolic for the nativity scene, where the wise men give jesus, the main idea of CHRISTmas, gifts.

    And also, don't you think presents are a sign of love towards your family and friends?

    So really it IS about them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no, you don't but people believe they need them because it is pretty much what most associate Christmas with now. Christmas is really very materialistic, unfortuneately and it would be nice if people focused less on gifts, etc. but it just seems each year it goes that way more and more! For example, look at the situation with the playstation 3 and how someone got shot over it and i think he even died! now that is pure insanity!

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    I once suggested to my family that instead of presents we should donate our money to an animal welfare charity,my suggestion didn't go down to well. Yep, that was the year i saw the ugly side of my family. very very sad.

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    its about who can get the best stuff which means that we are the MOST loved . the BEST one, and my family is better than yours. Its all about constantly talk ing about regifting all the way up to xmas because we are already planning on what to do with the crap we have been given so how can anyone even believe at ALL that its all about the thought, when everyone is really THINKING "how much did it cost"? i got yer xmas right here

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    Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. It's the time to feel the Spirit of God in our life. It's the time to reconcile with our family and friends because Jesus who is our God would like us to be Happy here on earth.

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    no you dont but when you give people presents it is something that comes from the heart!!! it makes them and you feel good

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    No you dont! Poor people celebrate xmas, they sometimes dont give gifts, just a great big greeting!

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    you forget Christmas is also about giving to others. which fits in with the Christmas tradition

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