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What is a Powerline Ethernet Bridge? How good is it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The PowerLine Ethernet Bridge lets you use your pre-existing wiring to run a network signal. Basically, it means that anywhere you have a plug, you have a network connection. Imagine creating a home network in minutes with just plugging your network connection into your wall. This means no more hassling with Cat5 and holes in the wall!

    The PowerLine Ethernet adapter uses existing electrical wiring to transmit your data signals at 14 Mbps, faster than 802.11b wireless' 11 Mbps. It also includes 56-bit DES encryption for your security and privacy while browsing the web.

    The PowerLine is a true plug and play device and installs in no time. It does not require any special software and will work with any operating system.

    Consider home media networking options too. Combine a PowerLine Ethernet adapter with an audio balun for transmitting stereo in hard-to-wire places in your home.

    Some electrician has already spent hours wiring your home. Don't redo what doesn't need to be re-done. Use your existing wiring and save time galore!

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