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please tell me about "warehouse and store management" at least 3-5 pages. thanks?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I'm not going to do your homework for you but I will tell you a few things about product management.

    The primary focus of warehouse and store management is inventory.

    The managers responsibility is to make sure that the inventory is moving smoothly. Having just enough on hand to fulfill demand in a timely manner.

    This brakes down into several catagories: Employees, Ordering, Shipping, and Fixed Assets (the building)

    Managing employees requires the manager to hire the best qualified people available at the least wage possible. This requires good interviewing techniques, background checks, and testing as required for the position. Employee retention is another area that a manager must be cognizant of. Employee Benefits play a large part in this part of management.

    Ordering requires that the manager knows about market share and how that equates to his products throughout the year. Seasonal cycles are very important in this area. Ordering is also a balancing activity. Order to much and you have to buy more storage space. Order to little and lose a portion of your market share to a competitor.

    Shipping requires that the manager know what types of transportation are available to move his product to the end user. This requires analyzing costs against speed and reliability of transport.

    Fixed Assets (buildings) Storage is an expensive overhead item in any businesses budget. So the managers job is to use only what is necessary. The areas to consider is owned versus rented properties. Owned properties over time are cheaper for a company to have but only if they are fully utilized. If the need is periodic then rented space becomes more cost effective. There are also tax consideration for leased expenses that do not accrue for owned assets.

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