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Whats the difference between XBox Live and the PS3 Online?

Whats the difference in price, and whats better? what would you suggest me getting better for online play if im looking for a simpler way to play online?

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  • kydd
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    1 decade ago
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    live is 50 a year, ps online is free, live has a very nice and connected comminty, ps3 isnt as connected user wise, both have a nice online store, xbox has much more stuff in it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well live is older and more advanced and the ps3 is new and still working out there problems and trying to make it better. Xbox live has a better online thing than ps3 right now.

  • shade
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    3 years ago

    there are not many adjustments between them people say all of the time the xbox is greater useful yet they in no way owned a ps3 to truly say an opinion like the saying "do no longer choose a e book via its conceal" nicely I even have owned the two consoles picture is all of the comparable i play skyrim on the two there is no longer difference in actuality my xbox freezes as quickly as I play it on xbox so as which would be a demonstration that the ps3 has slightly greater useful snap shots i play call of accountability I even have performed all of the video games after cod 4 on the two consoles and lower back no difference yet i do provide props to xbox for continuously making a freelance each 12 months to get cod dlc first. in different words snap shots are the comparable dont pay attention to what absolutely everyone says approximately what console has greater useful snap shots video games identity say each console have there very own few exclusives additionally "and please do no longer forget approximately that wager what the makers of halo at the instant are helping the ps4 with their sport destiny there's a rationalization for that they do no longer choose for to assist Microsoft anymore " lag in video games the comparable all multi participant video games have lag even on laptop in basic terms reason nicely popular youtubers desire xbox over ps3 "social gathering chat and less complicated dashboard" ps3 has a harder dashboard to appreciate

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    XBOX rules and it have better games all together and the online play is very life like hope you choose right

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  • ones for PS3 the other is for XBox and XBox live is better all around

  • 1 decade ago

    Definitely XBL--it costs $59.99/year while the PS3's online service is free, but you get what you pay for.


  • 1 decade ago

    good question but i dont have an answer actully your question will help me alot...thx

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