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please tell me where i can get an online appraisal free of charge?

my dad has several items that he thinks might be of some value.. and he cant afford some high priced appraisal . he is on a fixed income and this is puzzling him they were thing he has collected down through the years .. if you can think of a site i might could upload pics or describe these items for appraisal would be of great help thanks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If there is an auction house in your area, like Bonhams & Butterfield, they usually have a free day once or twice a year where you can bring in 3 or 4 items for free appraisal. They do this in the hopes that you'll use them to auction the items (and get a percentage). But you're not required to do that.

    There are also some newspaper columnists who will answer questions about your items.

    That being said, if you google "online appraisals" you'll get a bunch of hits.

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