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Is killing yourself the same thing as killing everyone in the world?

If you were to kill everyone in the world, it would take a very long time. But if you killed yourself, everyone will stop existing to you. So isn't killing yourself really just a quick way to kill everyone in the world?

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    Is slapping you upside the head the same thing as beating every single fiber in your body?

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    No. It's not the same. You could be forgiven for the sin of killing everyone in the world. You cannot be forgiven for the sin of killing yourself because it is the last action you take before leaving the world. There is no other chance given to redeem yourself.

    Best not to do either one.

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    uhhh.........NO!!! suicide is recreant...and doesnt solve anythin.....u just create more sorrow and grief for the ppl around you ... those who do care.....and there is alwayz someone who cares whether they show it or not

    and the easiest way to kill the world is to watch it kill itself....itz doin a pretty good job so far on itz own.

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