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I am looking for a die hard Chicago Cubs fans !!!!?

About a year ago or so there was an article about a Cubs player who suffered a severe head injury and after being treated at the Mayo Clinic he has made a 100% recovery does anyone know who this was and the name of the injury he had?


No it wasnt Woods, this was actually before that. This guy wasnt as well-known.

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    Adam Greenberg was a rookie outfielder who got hit in the head on his first major league at bat in front of his entire family. He never made it back to the majors he suffered from vertigo for months and was just dizzy all the time. I believe he went to the Mayo clinic but I am not sure if that was the one you were thinking about.

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    I believe you're referring to Freddy Bynum. He made a diving catch in a game against the Minnesota Twins. Afterwards his arm went numb and he was taken to a hospital in Minnesota. They found out that he had a blood clot in his shoulder. He did recover and was playing with the Cubs at the end of the last season.

    He has since been traded to the Baltimore Orioles.

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    Used to be one until they blew the NLCS in 2003. That was very disappointing.

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    It was Kerry Wood. It was very serious though. He had vertigo, sinusitus and, an ear ifection.

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