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For a rubiks cube, you get one layer figured and how can you solve it without messing up the solved layer?


been a day and i havne't solved anything yet, and also my cousin solved the one layer, and i have no idea how to solve another layer without ruining the solved layer?

And does anyone know a good book for helping me solve a rubiks cube?

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    Once you have the first layer figured out (whichever color you want), you next solve the 2nd layer, which is right under the 1st. To get the second layer sides aligned with the top, just remember "AWAY, DOWN, BACK, UP." When you want a section on the bottom layer to move up to the second layer, you 1st choose the desired color to be right under the location you want it to be at, then you:

    1: Rotate the bottom layer AWAY from the desired position. Then,

    2: Rotate the side where you want the desired piece to be DOWN.

    3: Rotate the bottom layer BACK the other way (in this case, left)

    4: Then rotate the left side back UP.

    Now, repeat the same process for the left side of the face you were just facing. This will get the piece where it should be.

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    Rubiks cubes have been around for 30 years and there used to be good books to solve the puzzle. You just have to keep turning the cubes, till they come right.

  • Pull off all the stickers and rearrange them so it's solved - everyone will think you're a genius! Trust me, last year in year 6 I did it for just one layer and the teacher and the class though it was amazing!

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    You dont solve it layer at a time... you do it in rows...get the left row up and down on each side done first, then the top row, all the way around....theres a pattern to the turns...

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    The old ones you could just pop apart and put it back together easily. Viola! ; solved.

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    i've never been able to do it either but once seen this guy on tv do it once in like 25 seconds blindfolded.

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