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could you please answer this Q about ENGLISH?

is it true to say : "would you like me to do....?"

or ther's no need to say "me"?

is it true to say "what would you like us to talk about?" or there's no need to say "us"?

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    First Sentence: -

    If you say "Would you like me to do...." means you are asking from the adressee if you want them to ask you to do some thing.

    If you remove me and say "Would you like to do" ... It means you are asking them to do some thing for you.

    Second Sentence: -

    Asking "what would you like to talk about" and "what would you like us to talk about" has a minute difference.

    "What would you like to talk about" is kind of a question as asked by an interviewer to the candidate, in which, he will talk and you will mostly listen and may not interfere in his talk.

    "what would you like us to talk about" is an inquisitive query suggesting the addressee to pick a topic for mutual conversation. You are asking them to suggest a topic on which you both (all) can talk.

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    in the first sentence you need to say me, indicating that you are the subject upon which the adressee's volition will be placed...

    if you didn't put the "me" in, then the sentence will refer to what the other person wants to do (themselves) and not what they want YOU to do...

    in the second sentence, either is fine, but using "us" will make the conservation sound more personal, and will seem like you are refering to a topic that both speakers know about

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    "Would you like me to do _______."

    You need a verb describing the "ACTION" that you would like "to do", at the end of the phrase, or sentence to complete it.

    You may simply say "What would you like to talk about", their is no need for "US", as you already know who is conversing (yourself and the other person).

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    You need the "me" in "Would you like me to do this?"

    You don't need the "us" in "What would you like to talk about?"

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    It is CORRECT to say me in the 1st one and not necessary to say us in the 2nd

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    you cant remove the subject!

    it MUST be there

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