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I have really dry hair, I want it sleek and greasy how can I achieve that?

When I wash my hair and let it dry naturaully it litterally looks like a ball of fuzz..its just puffy..and just..ends sticking out randomly..like..I just rubbed a balloon on my head. My hair strands are also very thick and wavy, which makes it worst! I just want it to look nice and flat and very oily since it's dry and coarse.

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    You can use a good deep conditioning treatment, then use a serum and smooth it throughout your hair while is is still wet. Let it dry without touching or disturbing it so that it stays as smooth as possible.

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    Reading your story reminded me of my own dillemna until i discovered the cure! I've tried everything from sesame oil to cocconut oil to jojoba oil but nothing really worked my hair was still try and didnt really smell so good :S

    Until a friend of mine introduced to me the ultimate solution to dryness Almond Oil! Works miracles its great for the hair and skin and i pratically call it wonder oil.. Right after you shower and before your hair dries just rub in a small amount into your scalp ad root of your hair and at the ends.. When your hair dries it will look marvelous :)

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    u say u want it sleek y dont u try hair bonding this will relax the friz n u will not have to bother abt rutein bombing n alll just straighten it 1s an use a recomended shampooo n conditioned by the save salon b sure 2 go to a good salon or then will burn it.u have thick hair so u have alot os choice

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    Coconut Oil...My Brother and I Have The Exact Same Hair As Yours.When My Hair Is Wet I Put A WHOLE BUNCH(even tho you only need abit) of the oil in and my hair juss absorbs it ...and in time(when my hair dries) its just like how you want it to be.My hair is dry and coarse....and after its soft and silky.so yuup.its allll good :)

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    I suggest sesame oil, Neutrogena has a good one. Also try some of the non-frizz serums like Frizz-Ease (the serum is oil based).

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    Natural homemade remedies-Do Hot oil massage,

    protien treatment and put fruit pack

    once in a week for a healthy silky shiny hair --- read all about it --


    Natural homemade beauty tips -Haircare recipe

    - ingredients from your kitchen cabinet --


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    apply conditioner, moisturiser etc (consult hair specialist)

    but appart from hair products, sometimes our lifestyle matters...

    -sleep early/ have enough rest (to avoid frizz and hairfall)

    -eat nutritiously (foods high in protein) (so that they'll grow back)

    -regular exercise

    -comb a few times everyday (for blood circulation)

    then your hair will have a natural healthy shine.

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    The best person to ask about you hair is your Hairstylist. It is in there best interest for you to look your best.

    Disregard any answered, telling you to use cheap store products, or telling you how to wear your hair without ever meeting you.


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    apply a mixture of buttermilk and milk 1 hr.before shampoo.the quantity of both shud be equal.....depending on the length of ur hair

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    Biosilk would be perfect for you. Not greasy to touch, but really smooth and shiny. My daughter uses it and it looks great.

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