how wastewater can be treated using ionizing radiations especially X-rays, Gamma rays. ok?

wastewater treatment especially of industry like textile dyes tanneries and petroleum.

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    1 decade ago
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    Why bother when U.V. can be used cheaply (and is) for sterilization of bacteria.

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    Both UV and x-rays can sterilize things such as wastewater, both for the exact same reason: they cause damage to DNA of all living things, and will kill bacteria and even viruses. If you dump wastewater full of bacteria into a river or ocean for example, anything in it will die (fish) and anything that eats those things (bigger fish, birds) will die as well. So that's why you want to sterizile those things.

    UV light is very easy and cheap to produce, and in case the source leaks, someone working with it at first will just get a tan. X-rays are not easy or cheap to produce, they are extremely damaging, and an accident while working with them would be very bad. Even without an accident, you need feed of concrete or lead to shield appropriately from x-rays, and so from a financial and safety-oriented viewpoint there is absolutely no point to use x-rays when uv will suffice. But you are correct that x-rays CAN be used. Also, technically, UV light is not ionizing radiation, x-rays are. They're called ionizing radiation because they're powerful enough to knock electrons off of atoms turning them into ions. UV light just excites the electrons into higher energy levels, but they're not shot out of the atoms, so it's not ionizing radiation.

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