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need some clarity this doesnt seem too clear with this girl that i like:)?

i gotta friend and we both say were friends but i dont think were friends, were "friends" but still some how friends it dont make much sence when we hang its real cool touchy feely like and very flirty at least on her part i try to restrain myself just a little but i figure i guess i could play with her too. she just recently got over being mad at me about something that didnt make to much sence to me and when she called me back when she wanted to talk to me she was telling me what she was doing for the rest of the week and she wanted me to call her i did but it was just to kick the breeze some. she says she aint looking for a boyfriend but from the last times we hanged i could beg to differ or at least some if not that but then again i know she real comfortable with me touching her i dont do it in a degrading manner i try to stay a gentalman and respectful so people out there got any suggestions??????


other things like taking deep breaths of my odor concern me a little, and still say you not looking at anyone and laying her head on my chest when i hold her

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ask her directly that you have these confused feelings and see what happens...

  • 1 decade ago

    hmm either she really likes u and is afraid u will hurt her or she likes to play the feild and your her fave pastime when she has no one else lined up i could be wrong but i been there and done that so yeah just ask her straight up what the heck she really wants a friend or a make out buddy or a b/f if she cant answer then id back off some till she comes after u but if u dont ask now u never will and for the rest of your life u will always wonder what could or could not have been.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sounds like maybe she's interested in more than friendship. You need to ask her what is up with all the heavy flirting. That way you will know what she is thinking. If there is a chance for more and you are interested, then that is great. If not, and you get "handy" you might blow a friendship. Either way, she needs to be honest with you and not mislead you. Good luck!

  • I say tell her how you really feel. Maybe she's not really flirting with you and you're just getting the wrong idea. But if you really think she likes u then i say go for it!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What's the question exactly? My suggestion is just kiss her.

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