16-36+ 91/4=25-45+91/4,ie (4-9/2)(4-9/2)=(5-9/2)(5-9/2),4-9/2=5-9/2ie4=5where the maths has gone wrong?


I am sorry In the question it should be 81/4 and not 91/4 wherever 91/4 comes and on suqare rooting the final of test will get you 4=5 so where the maths has gone wrong

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    USE "PeMDAS" you will get it right...Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition and Subtraction

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    16-36+ 91/4=25-45+91/4






    Yes, strange as it looks



    both square to .25

  • Won't do your work for you, but both work out ok. Try subtracting 91/4 from both sides of the first equation, and remember in the second equation that two negatives times each other is a positive.

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    can you please complete the rest of the problem?

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