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Need to know which QB to start.?

I have 2 positions for QB. One of them Brees is filled in, for the other its either Rattay, Losman, or Cambel.l. Who should i put in?

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    I'd go with Campbell. St. Louis' Defense is vulnerable to the big play and Campbell has a big play guy in Moss. I wouldn't expect a huge day though, but Campbell does protect the ball well, and shouldnt throw more than 1 int max. Keep in mind that St. Louis is horrible against the run, and Ladell Betts will be rode heavilly in this game. Also Rattay may be without Cadilac this weekend leaving the Browns defense able to key in on Rattay.

    I am actually considerring starting Campbell over Hasselbeck in my Championship game as well. I think I will probably stay with hasselbeck though, but campbell is a solid play this week, and probably the best of those 3.

    Good Luck!!!

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    Campbell seems to have the hot hand lately the past two games.

    Rattay is interesting, but has just two quarters of good play.

    Losman...has he had any good games? HA! Weather is his knock actually.

    Go with Campbell.

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    Don't start Losman. Check the weather report, nasty weather will mean lots of runs. I'd go with Cambell the skins have nothing to lose really and a team with nothing to lose can be dangerous.

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    i would use Campbell

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